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Version 11.14d: some engines updated

Engines updated: Stockfish 10 - Tord Romstad, Marco Costalba, Joona Kiiski - McCain 10.1 - Michael Byrne - Gödel 4.5.5 - Juan Manuel Vazquez - News: Moves can be added via english pgn (proposed by Tobias) when in case O-O and O-O-O both are possible, O-O and a . means short castle.  alternative: o2 = O-O and o3 = O-O-O New games in Play like a GM/Play like a WGM Bugs fixed: Bad sound messages when check, mate or captures (thanks to Tobias) Evandro Borracini has fixed the next bugs: Issue #1: Training positions and Tactics, the PGN initial comment (i.e. the comment before the first move) is never shown. Issue #2: Training positions and Tactics, , the PGN last comment (i.e. the comment after the last move) is never shown. Issue #3 - Error message showed in case the engine is not found.  Remaching when playing a game against an &q