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Version 11.05b: first draft of "Opening lines"

Added: New themes like diagrams of old books, adaptation of pieces included by Ben Citak. Lichess-Elo New engine,  Cdrill 1800  by Ferdinand Mosca Play like a Woman Grandmaster Always autopromote to queen as an option, if ALT key is pressed, then allows to select other piece. Playing against any engine: new option to show arrows with the best moves (parszab) Tournaments between engines, added maxdepth of book. (Gabriel P) Tools-PGN reader-Miniature of the day Opening lines, only to test. It is an alternative way of creating a repertoire of openings, is a work not finished. There are a lot of work planned, by example, in the future will include trainings (one static and other continuous).  Changes: Director, to activate and deactivate, right button over the board. To add pieces if needed ALT-right button McBrain new version 4.0 Transsiberian, endings, now all are guided (Craig H.) Analisis, ending phase to calculate elo is considered when