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Version 6.0 beta 3

Version 6.0 beta 3 :  LucasChessPortable60beta3.exe News : Support to DGT boards (proposed and tested by Trebejo), if you have a DGT board : First : Options-Configuration When playing, +Options Enable, and this is remembered in the following games In "Create your own game" : adding a "Save as" option. When you restore/save a game, is enabled this option, to diferentiate from option Save that refer to file restore or saved previously. In "Game against an engine of your choice" : Time :  New option to set extra minutes for the player.  If player loses on time, ask whether to add more. (Proposed by Trebejo). Custom personalities : Added two options for control of blunders, when mate, or loss of points is considerable. (proposed by Trebejo) Can be configured the maximum points gives the engine to equalize position (50=default). New common personalities In "Create your own game" and "Game against a

Version 6.0 beta 2

New beta :   Version 6.0 beta 2 . Some news : Game of the day can be showed in the PGN Viewer. Training of openings, they can be converted to a polyglot book. Edition of personalities, now consider the three phases.  You can specify a debug text file, that they keep considerations when using this personality. In opening, you can add a polyglot book, then engine will try to use it. Middlegame has its own strength system. Endgame has its own strength system.

Version 6.0 beta 1 : Personalities

First beta of version 6: Fixed some bugs and Pawny engine is updated from 0.2.2 to 0.3. Also Personalities are introduced to adjust the engine strength in training option "Game against an engine of your choice". Based on Laser ideas from immortalchess forum, and adapted to simplify development. It has added the ability to add (delete, edit) a personality with the following configuration: Name Type strenght taken as the basis Parameters are divided between middlegame and endgame, and switching between them is determined by the number of pieces in play. User must indicate points that will add or subtract to those calculated by the engine. Parameters are : Depending on the following move : If it is moved a pawn. When moving a piece: in the middlegame, shall apply if a piece is more closer to the other side, at in the endgame, apply if is more closer to enemy king. Make check. Capture. According to the ex

Version 6.0 dev4 with favourites and a daily test

Version 6.0 dev 4 :  LucasChessPortable60dev4.exe Changed the version number from 5.5 to 6.0, because there are important changes, and some of them will take some development. Game against an engine of your choice : New options to set strength : High level, Intermediate level and Low level, based on probabilities. High level select a move based in a list where better moves are more likely, and so on. (it remains the use of personalities as proposed laser in immortalchess forum). Select a book :  then opponent select moves firstly from the polyglot book choosen. ( thanks to baddadza for this idea ) Training favorites , to simplify the selection of frequently used options : New option in Training : Your daily test : you must solve 5 positions, with each answer, then calculate the difference in points with an engine solution. Only one result is saved each day, the last. New feature to adjust the sensitivity of the tutor . Then tutor will not appear unless the