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LINUX: tutorial for creating the installer on almost any distribution (updated 11/2023)

The aim of this article is to show step-by-step how to generate the installer from any Linux distribution that supports Qt5 and python3.8. The steps are: Install python 3.8 Install makeself Download Lucas Chess sources Install the necessary python libraries Test if all is ok Create the template  Generate binaries Generate the installer This example is running on a new virtual machine with Ubuntu 20.04. Step 1: Install python 3.8 Using miniconda is a simple way to install python 3.8. 1.1. Download Link: 1.2. Installation Only for the user sh ./ Destination folder=  ~/miniconda3 1.3. Default python3 To facilitate the process (in my case),  the python3 of miniconda is set as default python3 of my user: vi ~/.profile