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Version 11.08a: Turn on lights in one line and statistics by player in databases

Turn on lights in one line: useful for daily training. it can be configured a number of trainings from 6 to 54. it allows to select any training file. can be configured to automatically select another sample each day. Configuration Databases, statistics by player (proposed by Lee Simbeye) Tournaments between engines , added reason of endding (suggested by Gabriel Paunica) Engines updates: Acqua, version 2.0 (author Giovanni di Maria) Godel, version 4.0.7 (author Juan Manuel Vázquez) McBrain, version 9.1 (author Michael Byrne, based in stockfish, this engine is the standard tutor of lucaschess) Fixed bugs: Training positions, doesn't save the position (communicated by Eren Külpinar) Kibitzers added to write "quit" to the engine at end to terminate, problem with some engines like ProDeo that remains in memory (communicated by lucabunns) Database, export to pgn not save result (communicated by Marc). Several bugs in training elos, L