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Version 9 step 5: Africa map

News: Pieces: New set to children, Qwertyxp2000 from Added Condal by Marroquin. Set of pieces NikNak, now named Cburnett. Maps: Added Africa. Added STS positions. World map incompatible with previous step ( IF YOU HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH WORLD MAP OF STEP 4, DON´T INSTALL THIS NEW STEP, BECAUSE IT REMOVES YOUR WORK). Link:  folder in bintray

Version 9 step 4: source to linux

These are the sources to Linux.  Destination are developpers as I don´t know enough Linux to help. It includes linux-engines, it is the main variation in relation to Windows version. Dependencies: python 2.7 pyqt 4 pygal pyaudio psutil chardet suds lxml ..... Also it is necessary to give extra permissions to engines. Link:  LucasChess.7z

Version 9 step 4: chess positions on a world map.

New training option, externally a little different from the others. It works with a world map divided into countries, where each country is associated with a chess position, the goal is to solve all the positions of all countries. You get a country when you win its position. Then you can select a border-country and so on. Maybe in the future I will add more restrictive maps (Africa, America,....),  extend the selection of positions, .... Download portable:  LucasChessPortable9step4.exe

Version 9 step 3

Not many news: Analisys of a game: Option to indicate format points/depth/time (Johannes Reimers) Tournaments between engines: Added option to set initial position from Norman Pollock openings-database ( 40H-Openings ) Playing against any engine: Thougth of engine, more information. (Michele) Info: Score | depth/sel. depth | time | nodes/nodes per second And some bugs fixed, thanks to Stolcius, Phillip Watts, ... Download:  LucasChessPortableStep3.exe