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Version 11.14d: some engines updated

Engines updated: Stockfish 10 - Tord Romstad, Marco Costalba, Joona Kiiski - McCain 10.1 - Michael Byrne - Gödel 4.5.5 - Juan Manuel Vazquez - News: Moves can be added via english pgn (proposed by Tobias) when in case O-O and O-O-O both are possible, O-O and a . means short castle.  alternative: o2 = O-O and o3 = O-O-O New games in Play like a GM/Play like a WGM Bugs fixed: Bad sound messages when check, mate or captures (thanks to Tobias) Evandro Borracini has fixed the next bugs: Issue #1: Training positions and Tactics, the PGN initial comment (i.e. the comment before the first move) is never shown. Issue #2: Training positions and Tactics, , the PGN last comment (i.e. the comment after the last move) is never shown. Issue #3 - Error message showed in case the engine is not found.  Remaching when playing a game against an &q

Version 11.13d: finally graphics created directly on the board

Graphics created directly on the board This is a long-demanded option, the list of people who have requested it from me is too large to include here. The working mode is similar to that of Lichess, if it is a square selected a circle is shown, if they are several squares an arrow is shown, by default.  It can be customized from the Director option, each element of the band is associated to a key (None, Alt, Shift, Ctrl) pressed at same time right mouse. Elements associated can be changed  from Director The deletion of elements is done by creating an equal element. The keys Ctrl-F1 to delete the last created element and Ctrl-F2 to delete all of them also work. When Director mode (activated by pressing F1,...F10), Shift+Alt+Right Mouse allows user to choose a piece to add. As a facility, when working in Opening Lines , with the right button you can create graphic elements that are associated with the position directly. This behaviour can be disabled from Options

Version 11.12a: writing down moves of a game

News: Writing down moves of a game (new resource for zebras) The objective is to write fluently the moves in pgn, which can be useful when you start playing long live games. The process is very simple,  You choose a new game and the program selects one automatically.  Then the color is selected, in order to show the board.  Then a move is shown on the board and it is asked at the top to write the same in pgn format, pressing "intro key" continues with the next. There is no distinction between upper and lower case. The result is displayed at the end Changes and improves: Learn a game, show arrow to correct move McBrain updated to version 9.9 by Michael Byrne Training "opening lines" with engines: added the possibility to play against external engines. can be configured automatic analysis when failure. can be configured different levels and books associated Tournaments between engines, pgn to save includes elo information (C. Daniel)

Version 11.11: maintenance update

News: Opening lines, training against a bunch of engines, now number is selected by user. Andscacs engine (by Daniel José Queraltó ) updated to version 0.9432 Updated French translation by Max Aloyou Bugs: Director, removing "Move a piece" doesn't appear previous piece (D. Chong) Downloads  :  Portable:   LucasChessPortable1111.exe Installable:   InsLucasChess1111.exe

Version 11.10a: Opening lines, training with engines

Opening lines     New training against some engines, user plays games against engines with some conditions: Mandatory moves: in the first part, the user and the engine must each make moves defined in the opening lines created.   Moves until the control: for the second part, the motor moves without restrictions and the user must select one of the lines or another movement if not provided for in one of the lines. At the end, the controlling engine calculates the score of the first move out of the lines and the score of the last move, and this difference must be less than that set in "Maximum number of centipawns...", to move to the next engine. There are 5 levels, each level change increases the time thought by the rival engine. (0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8 secs) Bunch of engines: user select a block of 8 engines to play against in each level.     Import of Personal Opening Guides and Export to PGN (proposed by   Jonathan Cremers ) Kibitzers    New type of kibitzer

Version 11.09: maintenance update

News: Tournaments, additions: possibility to work with minutes in decimal. (Jan Bernard) possibility to manually force the end of a game. (Giovanni di Maria, Jan Bernard) New color theme: wooden by Ale Opening lines:  has been added the option to organize the openings in folders new tab: tree of moves. Colors, label changed: from "By default" to "Reset to default" (CottonEaster) Bugs: Playing like a GrandMaster/Woman GrandMaster  when pawn promotion crashs (Eren Külpınar) doesn`t work in Linux (fixed by kupad/github) Downloads  :  Portable:   LucasChessPortable1109.exe Installable:   InsLucasChess1109.exe To update (from v11.05/../11.08a), Information-Search from updates  

Version 11.08a: Turn on lights in one line and statistics by player in databases

Turn on lights in one line: useful for daily training. it can be configured a number of trainings from 6 to 54. it allows to select any training file. can be configured to automatically select another sample each day. Configuration Databases, statistics by player (proposed by Lee Simbeye) Tournaments between engines , added reason of endding (suggested by Gabriel Paunica) Engines updates: Acqua, version 2.0 (author Giovanni di Maria) Godel, version 4.0.7 (author Juan Manuel Vázquez) McBrain, version 9.1 (author Michael Byrne, based in stockfish, this engine is the standard tutor of lucaschess) Fixed bugs: Training positions, doesn't save the position (communicated by Eren Külpinar) Kibitzers added to write "quit" to the engine at end to terminate, problem with some engines like ProDeo that remains in memory (communicated by lucabunns) Database, export to pgn not save result (communicated by Marc). Several bugs in training elos, L

Version 11.07a: Shortcuts

Shortcuts: They are activated pressing right mouse button on main toolbar. The options that can have ashortcut is extended to menus Play, Train, Compete, Tools. ALT <number> keys can be used. Label showed can be edited (double click over field). Transsiberian: Endings are again not guided if they have 4 pieces or less (uses syzygy tablebases-pychess library). Now when changing level save current level state. New trainings positions:  Singular moves to equalize. Singular moves to win. Bugs:  Kibitzers, when add a new kibitzer, all others reset their results (Jan Bernard) Database order by plies (Antonio G) 11.07 -> 11.07a: Bug, creating new external engine (S Weber) Opening lines, sequential/static training added information about which lines are training on (Lee Simbeye). Tournament between engines, Pause option (Max Aloyau) Downloads  :  Portable:   LucasChessPortable1107a.exe Installable:   InsLucasChess1107a.exe

Version 11.06c: Opening lines

Changes: To activate/deactivate Graphics-Director, CTRL+right button, also to activate F1 to F10 Engines: Updated McBrain to version 9 Updated Stockfish to version 9 Linux, new installation and some fixes in code by Costor Bugs fixed: Tournaments, some fixes (Bernard) Playing like a GM, time of engine is not saved from one time to another. (Eren Kulpimar) Analysing a game, the graphics window always opens with white at the bottom (emeikei) News: Opening Lines that allows you to create a repertoire of openings, and with tools to help to study, graphics-Director save the graphics in the same file, then it is all-in-one, providing the possibility of sharing easily. It also includes three simple ways of training: First, sequential mode, the user must select all moves of a line and one side, must repeat until there are no errors. Then based on the number of times with no errors, it will be repeated. Second, static, all the lines to study appear in a window, and the

Version 11.05b: first draft of "Opening lines"

Added: New themes like diagrams of old books, adaptation of pieces included by Ben Citak. Lichess-Elo New engine,  Cdrill 1800  by Ferdinand Mosca Play like a Woman Grandmaster Always autopromote to queen as an option, if ALT key is pressed, then allows to select other piece. Playing against any engine: new option to show arrows with the best moves (parszab) Tournaments between engines, added maxdepth of book. (Gabriel P) Tools-PGN reader-Miniature of the day Opening lines, only to test. It is an alternative way of creating a repertoire of openings, is a work not finished. There are a lot of work planned, by example, in the future will include trainings (one static and other continuous).  Changes: Director, to activate and deactivate, right button over the board. To add pieces if needed ALT-right button McBrain new version 4.0 Transsiberian, endings, now all are guided (Craig H.) Analisis, ending phase to calculate elo is considered when