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Version 11.13d: finally graphics created directly on the board

Graphics created directly on the board This is a long-demanded option, the list of people who have requested it from me is too large to include here. The working mode is similar to that of Lichess, if it is a square selected a circle is shown, if they are several squares an arrow is shown, by default.  It can be customized from the Director option, each element of the band is associated to a key (None, Alt, Shift, Ctrl) pressed at same time right mouse. Elements associated can be changed  from Director The deletion of elements is done by creating an equal element. The keys Ctrl-F1 to delete the last created element and Ctrl-F2 to delete all of them also work. When Director mode (activated by pressing F1,...F10), Shift+Alt+Right Mouse allows user to choose a piece to add. As a facility, when working in Opening Lines , with the right button you can create graphic elements that are associated with the position directly. This behaviour can be disabled from Options