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Version 8 step 9: next web

New step with some news: Scoring system is changed, based on a new web (today tomorrow I don´t know). Now when posting your scores, changes are done inmediately and web send feedback to user about its position in relation to other users. New web is hosted in Openshift , and it is programmed in python, then it is possible (to me) a live scoring system.  Improves in "Playing against any engine": It can be selected engines that try to emulate playing style of GMs (created by Michele Tumabrello). Configurations: allows to save active configuration with a name to restore in future.  Updated (25-10-2013)-9.1: Fixed a bug Added: copy to clipboard FEN position in analysis window (M.Larson)  Updated (27-10-2013)-9.2: Fixed bug about saving video configurations. Added: +button in variations panel, to launch directly an engine to respond your moves. (ADT) Updated (27-10-2013)-9.3: Fixed bug in &quo