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Version 5.0 Release candidate 2
News :
Play like a GM, it is possible to select initial move (Ransith idea).
Playing, new icon = View, new option = PGN information : to show a new panel with editable pgn fields (same effect = right button on pgn cell).
Analysis (double click on a pgn cell) : new icon = disk to save in Variants. (Filomeno M. idea)
Variants edition : double click on a line of Variants and it can be edited directly on board.

Versión 5.0 beta 2

Link : is a portable installation, and to avoid problems, it is better make a clean install and choose a new folder, after, copy UsrData from older installation. Newbetawithnew features:

Files polyglot :
Create a new book: in PGN file viewer added a new option to create a poliglot file, from games of the current view (with filter possibility). 

Merge two books in a third :
To perform these two options is used polyglot.exe program (version 1.4 w), created by Fabien Letouzy, and modified by Fonzy Bluemers

Suggestions from tutor: also includes the results (if any) of the consultation of registered books.

Training with a polyglot book: