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Version 5.3 Captures and more

Version 5.3 is mainly a bug fixing update, but it has some news :

Changes on captured material panel (proposed by Rui and Steph): Position now to the left of board

Maurizio Monge has published (Wikimedia Commons) two sets of pieces (LGPL license) that are included in the program.

Possibility of log of all moves analyzed by tutor in CSV format(to work in a spreadsheet), enabled in Options-Configuration-Automatic save (Proposed by Ransith)

Training with option Game again an engine of your choice, posibility to change rival while playing. (Proposed by Steph)

Version 5.2 Standard openings

The newversion5.2,try increasingthesupportforstandardopenings, with two new options :

Training - Learn openings byrepetition

It isavery simple system whose aim is facilitate thelearning of openings. It is based on repetition and records number ofrepetitionsmadeaccording to theside.
First step : youset upthe trainingby clickingonNew, where you must indicate aname and an openingto study. You can specifymore thanoneopening.

Next, clickingonTrain, asks ustochoosesides,andthe numberof repetitions.

Options - +Options - Custom openings

Versión 5.1 with kibitzers

Ihavefoundsomemorebugsinversion5.0,andI havedecidedto launcha new version.
This newversionincludesthe possibility of launchingadvisersto analyzethe positionsontheboard,for itsdevelopment, Ihavebasedonthoroughexplanationsof DanielTrebejo.

Access tothisnew functionisdone through the +Optionsmenu.

First, you must create a new one and configure it.

There are three types,  First : make the analysis of the response to the current position.Second : seeks out threats (I do not understand their use), calculate what the rival would do if he could move again.Third : shows possible moves and with the possiblity to analyze any of them.

You can : create all kibitzers that you want.launch all kibitzers that you want, limit is your pc resources.move and resize the kibitzer-window, it is remembered in the next launch.

Problem with install version 5.0

The first installerof thenewversionhadanerror,the main consequencewasthatthe previous scoreswereerasedintheinstallation process.

If you have experiencedthiserror, and you want to get those scoresplease contactme andI'lltry torecoverthelost scores (only in some particular cases I can solve this).