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Version 4.03b

Now you can update to version 4.03b, which has two changes: Fixed a bug in the creation of PGN files, when there is a capture with a pawn it is not necessary to indicate the row, as was done previously, because it can cause problems with some PGN viewers.  (Thanks to J.O. ) Updated german translation.  (Thanks to Georg Pferfferle ) To upgrade, Information - Searching for updates...

New option : Training mate positions

New step in the development of the new version 5. It adds the option of training mate positions from mate in 1 move to mate in 4 moves. The positions are taken : Mate 1-2 : from positions prepared by    Eduardo Sadier .   Mate 3-4 : from positions prepared by Pascal George and included in   SCID  a free chess database app. It is divided into levels, each level has 10 blocks, each block has a number of positions depending on the type of mate. Mate in 1 has 500 levels of 10 blocks of 15 positions each. Mate in 2 has 700 levels of 10 blocks of 10 positions each. Mate in 3 has 80 levels of 10 blocks of 7 positions each. Mate in 4 has 30 levels of 10 blocks of 5 positions each. No difference in difficulty from one level to the next, the limitation is that you can not move from one level to the next if not all blocks have been completed without error ( no matter the time used ). To train a block in current level : double click on the row block To train the next level

Development version 5.00 dev 3 - Polyglot books

New step in the development of version 5, added support for reading books Polyglot, allowing its use in the following :      - Trainig/Game Against an engine of your choice      - Training/Utilities/PGN Viewer      - Training/Utilities/Create your own game It includes a book made ​​from games of Grandmasters, played from 1970 to 2010. The source code of the routines is a python translation of sources in c of Michael Van den Bergh ( ) To make the query : +Options / Consult a book Shows the movements which can be chosen . You can perform basic maintenance movements :      - Instal new      - Remove      - Modify Modify : with "Consult default" can be set more than one book to shows its proposals.        There is also the option to activate the analysis mode : Analysis mode : the consultation of the book is done from the previous position , showing alternatives to the current move. Link :  http://d