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Version 8.11: Translation to Arabic and Dutch

Translation to Arabic thanks to Mohamad Alhedhed. Translation to Dutch thanks to Willy Lefebvre. T o update: Alternative:

Version 8.10: bug fixed + translation to Slovene

Bug fixed: Mate training, working with levels greater than 10 (Myles T).   Translation to Slovene thanks to Matjaž Seničar. T o update: Alternative:

Version 9 step 5: Africa map

News: Pieces: New set to children, Qwertyxp2000 from Added Condal by Marroquin. Set of pieces NikNak, now named Cburnett. Maps: Added Africa. Added STS positions. World map incompatible with previous step ( IF YOU HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH WORLD MAP OF STEP 4, DON´T INSTALL THIS NEW STEP, BECAUSE IT REMOVES YOUR WORK). Link:  folder in bintray

Version 9 step 4: source to linux

These are the sources to Linux.  Destination are developpers as I don´t know enough Linux to help. It includes linux-engines, it is the main variation in relation to Windows version. Dependencies: python 2.7 pyqt 4 pygal pyaudio psutil chardet suds lxml ..... Also it is necessary to give extra permissions to engines. Link:  LucasChess.7z

Version 9 step 4: chess positions on a world map.

New training option, externally a little different from the others. It works with a world map divided into countries, where each country is associated with a chess position, the goal is to solve all the positions of all countries. You get a country when you win its position. Then you can select a border-country and so on. Maybe in the future I will add more restrictive maps (Africa, America,....),  extend the selection of positions, .... Download portable:  LucasChessPortable9step4.exe

Version 9 step 3

Not many news: Analisys of a game: Option to indicate format points/depth/time (Johannes Reimers) Tournaments between engines: Added option to set initial position from Norman Pollock openings-database ( 40H-Openings ) Playing against any engine: Thougth of engine, more information. (Michele) Info: Score | depth/sel. depth | time | nodes/nodes per second And some bugs fixed, thanks to Stolcius, Phillip Watts, ... Download:  LucasChessPortableStep3.exe

Version 8.09: bugs fixed

Bugs fixed: Fics-elo & Fide-elo, don´t change color. ( Stolcius Von Stolcenberg ,  jayriginal ) Russian translation finnished, thanks to Reinhard work. Also Português (BR), thanks to Laudecir Daniel. Updated database positions used in some trainings (???) Engines: Tarrach Toy ( ) to V0.905 (log file in 0.906) T o update: Alternative: Remember that  all user data  is in the  UsrData  subfolder of LucasChess folder.

Version 9 step 2b

New step and some changes: Analyzing a game, n ew option to show graphics at end (ADT). Tournaments, show on live results (Urban Gustavsson, Di Maria Giovanni) Create your own game, open with reopen option. Update to 2a: Correspondence-chess, added remove link (Reinhard) Fics/Fide-elo "New analysis" button works now. Fics/Fide-elo  the color change of each new game don´t works.(Stolcius, jairiginal) Reading pgn files, take into account original codec (Reinhard) STS-test, now works to hide/show board (Stolcius) Update to 2b: Tools-PGN reader, creation of polyglot books, don't works Playing against any engne, assign an empty book (.bin) works. (stolcius) Link :  LucasChessPortableStep2b.exe

Version 9 step 1c

The next version will be the 9, I have no date for its publication, the most likely to take at least one year, in the meantime I will publish the development version from time to time. News: Playing in general: Tutor opinion saved (when option marked in configuration), even when it is the same as user move. (ADT) When playing opponent then changed cursor (and doesn´t show a message) (?) Keyboard changed to support indicating moves by keyboard (Robert Anderson), now f=flip, c=save pgn, i=save png img, d=director, needs Alt. Can be stablished main window as top window in relation other programs. (Red Hood) Analysis of a game-> option to show histogram. (ADT) Lucas elo: It is possible to play against all better engines, even from beginning. (?+++) Playing against any engine: Tutor used and tutor general are now the same. (ADT) Shows arrows with the thought of opponent. (Michele) Opening selection, can be selected by mouse, and with the depth the user wan

Version 8.08: mainly some internal changes

Bugs fixed: Paste PGN, with data invalid crashes the program. (?) New Komodo don´t works (getzero) Internals: Disabled python garbage collector. (the intention is to reduce the possibility of crashes). Python 2.7.6 PyQt 4.10.4 Engines: Tarrach Toy ( ), updated to V0.906 T o update: Alternative: Remember that  all user data  is in the  UsrData  subfolder of LucasChess folder.

Version 8.07e: more bugs

Bugs fixed: Reading a pgn with 0 instead O (Brian S). Resizing tutor board from menu Options (ADT) Databases-Removing one database (Nils Andersson) Playing against any engine, selection of opening, some deep openings aren't showed. (Nils Andersson) Tournaments between engines with "initial position" LC doesn't insert FEN in the pgn (Stolcius Von Stolcenberg) Some labels in English corrected (Nils Andersson) (Edited 19/2/2014) Tournaments between engines, don´t add engines with spaces in its path (Cristel C, Di Maria G.) (Edited 14/3/2014) Find Best Move, more height to solutions (tewald) PGN reader-Utilities-List of FENs (david) ESC in comments go out the app (MeWannaTakeYouHome) (Edited 27/4/2014) Show candidates option when in check. Analysis window, save to FEN.(Matt L) Some translations of mate in (Marco T) (Edited 01/05/2014) Learn a game, don´t works saved games. (Lady K) And some news: New translation, Suomi by Heikki J.

Version 8.05: more bugs fixed

Bugs fixed: Sound of 9 removed (Indy) Creating a training playing like a GM, (Adrijan) Capture window inactive in Tourney between engines (Urban G) Analysing sometimes only shows a few moves (Pavel+Michele) To update: Alternative:   Remember that all user data is in the UsrData subfolder of LucasChess folder.

Version 8.04: some bugs fixed

Bugs fixed: Saving PGN files, bad encoding type, now UTF-8 is used (chessfollower). Play like a grandmaster, don´t work (Lolou). Director, don´t work (Michele). Database-Summary results are reversed when black move (xpdnc).

Version 8.03: some bugs fixed and Greko engine in competition

Bugs fixed: When resigning, label is in some cases wrong (Pavel) . Stockfish info message mate 0 not handled properly (Pavel) Fifty move rule, program used a fifty halfmove rule (Chris Ratt) Resistance test and playing against Tarrasch, program hangs(Коробкoв) News: Greko engine  ( Vladimir Medvedev ) included in Competition. New color-theme by Dan.

Version 8.02: more bugs fixed and new index

Bugs fixed: Reading PGN files with latin-1 characters (Marcus). Analyzing with option to detect blunders, first time use (claes) Reading PGN files with character - in moves (like 1. e2-e4...) (Marcus) Kibitzers using Wine (katka) Greko, not included in about (Vladimir) News: New index "Material asymmetry" by Michele Opening label when is too long then now is wrapped (Michele) ESC key to go out in analysis of variants window (Pavel)