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Showing posts from January, 2014

Version 8.05: more bugs fixed

Bugs fixed: Sound of 9 removed (Indy) Creating a training playing like a GM, (Adrijan) Capture window inactive in Tourney between engines (Urban G) Analysing sometimes only shows a few moves (Pavel+Michele) To update: Alternative:   Remember that all user data is in the UsrData subfolder of LucasChess folder.

Version 8.04: some bugs fixed

Bugs fixed: Saving PGN files, bad encoding type, now UTF-8 is used (chessfollower). Play like a grandmaster, don´t work (Lolou). Director, don´t work (Michele). Database-Summary results are reversed when black move (xpdnc).

Version 8.03: some bugs fixed and Greko engine in competition

Bugs fixed: When resigning, label is in some cases wrong (Pavel) . Stockfish info message mate 0 not handled properly (Pavel) Fifty move rule, program used a fifty halfmove rule (Chris Ratt) Resistance test and playing against Tarrasch, program hangs(Коробкoв) News: Greko engine  ( Vladimir Medvedev ) included in Competition. New color-theme by Dan.

Version 8.02: more bugs fixed and new index

Bugs fixed: Reading PGN files with latin-1 characters (Marcus). Analyzing with option to detect blunders, first time use (claes) Reading PGN files with character - in moves (like 1. e2-e4...) (Marcus) Kibitzers using Wine (katka) Greko, not included in about (Vladimir) News: New index "Material asymmetry" by Michele Opening label when is too long then now is wrapped (Michele) ESC key to go out in analysis of variants window (Pavel)