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Version 9.07d: problems with access to the Internet.

The version 9.07 has a bug that makes it unable to access the Internet to update the program or for sending scores. This new version tries to fix it. It also includes the solution of a bug detected by Remes, about the use of arrow keys in the analysis window. This version can't be updated via Information-Search for updates option, it needs to be installed downloading the complete version. Updated 16/10/2015: 9.07b->9.07c ,  Some bugs fixed and litle more, thanks to Kåre B, Chris I., Heikki J, Remes, Max A., Teddy, David, Antonio P., ....  Updated 11/11/2015: 9.07c->9.07d Bug loading kibitzers in some pcs (Pawel Stolowski). New kibitzer, Stockfish eval (Joseph Coffey idea). Some changes in Chinese translation (Stephen Yang). Download links: Portable:  LucasChessPortable907d.exe Installable:  InsLucasChess907d.exe