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Tactical training with your own blunders

Thanks to the ideas contributed by Daniel Trebejo, bolokay and Ransith Fernando (edited 6/12/2011, unpardonable omission) , it were added to  new version other options allow you to train tactical positions recovered from your own games. The process is carried out in two parts: Collection of positions Training with these positions 1. Collection of positions When you view a game with LC, when you  just finished one, or you have read with the PGN viewer, or you have prepared with the option Training | Tools | Create your own game,     if you choose Utilities|Analyze, in configuration window, in Other options tab, you can indicate what difference in points is considered a blunder, and you have some possibilities for generating training positions in 3 formats : List of FENS: it creates a file containing a list of positions in FEN format and this format is used by the training positions. This file is saved in the default folder UsrData/Personal Training, and the reco

Bug of the day 31

I'm sorry, but yesterday (October/31) there was a bug caused by the number of day : 31, and the program did not work all day. I've been on vacation until today so I could not solve or warn. Not will occur again until 31 December. Before I will publish version 6.1 that solves it.