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Version 9 step 1c

The next version will be the 9, I have no date for its publication, the most likely to take at least one year, in the meantime I will publish the development version from time to time. News: Playing in general: Tutor opinion saved (when option marked in configuration), even when it is the same as user move. (ADT) When playing opponent then changed cursor (and doesn´t show a message) (?) Keyboard changed to support indicating moves by keyboard (Robert Anderson), now f=flip, c=save pgn, i=save png img, d=director, needs Alt. Can be stablished main window as top window in relation other programs. (Red Hood) Analysis of a game-> option to show histogram. (ADT) Lucas elo: It is possible to play against all better engines, even from beginning. (?+++) Playing against any engine: Tutor used and tutor general are now the same. (ADT) Shows arrows with the thought of opponent. (Michele) Opening selection, can be selected by mouse, and with the depth the user wan