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Version 11.04a: Turn on the lights, calculation mode

News: Turn on the lights ,  added calculation mode where the time used begins when a piece is moved, then the user can think for as long as needed, but must be accurate and fast when moving in relation to memory mode (the only way so far).  also it was added an initial theme from Uwe Auerswald list of positions, where only difficulty 1 and 2 are selected. Performance , in Options-Configuration, parameters have been added that determine the consideration of good or bad moves, as well as the degree of effect of bad moves on the total elo of a game, from 0 with no effect to 5. Bugs: Saving a game to a database Database, changing the file Saving a game to PGN when with nags, $ symbol is repeated (Konrad Franz Hüttner) Director, to remove with Ctrl-MouseRight it is necessary to press two times. Downloads  :  Portable:   LucasChessPortable1104a.exe Installable:   InsLucasChess1104a.exe From version 11.03:

Version 11.03: some bugs fixed

Bugs fixed: Analisys, reduced the number of nags produced by analysis (Giovanni di María) Database, save to PGN when select codec = same as file. Playing against a game when mate. Database: to create polyglot books doesn´t works Training positions, bad message when tutor disabled and the training is guided (variator) News: Scanner of positions, added Alt left, Alt key-left, Alt key-up, Alt key-right, Alt key-down to scan non-square cells Turn on the lights, added more info  Downloads  :  Portable:   LucasChessPortable1103.exe Installable:   InsLucasChess1103.exe From version 11.02: