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Document in French: Bonus by Max Aloyau

Max Aloyau has added a new document in PDF with information on the novelties introduced this year 2017 in the development version of Lucas Chess. This document can be downloaded from the program website, section documents . Or directly from:  link 

Development version 11.00.21b: kibitzers

Changes in kibitzers: 1. Added some options: Priority of the cpu process, normal, low, below low, high,... (vga) Analyzed position, it can be before the move on the board or after the move. Visibility, when you have many kibitzers, some of them can be hidden in the selection menu. 2. Kibitzer options can be changed live. 3. The order in the menu can be changed. 4. To edit: Tools-Engines-Kibitzers When playing, Utilities-Kibitzers-Edit Bug fixed: Multiple analysis of a position, engines are not reused when external. (vga) Update from 11.00.21 to 11.00.21a: Bug fixed, kibitzers don´t work (Giovanni) Update from 11.00.21a to 11.00.21b: Bug fixed, tournaments between engines, "Cancel button" and difference of material doesn't work (Giovanni Di Maria) Bug fixed, database, order is not maintained from a session to other (Max Aloyau) Database, added in Utilities mass analysis option (Marc) New theme, McBrain's Wooden Ch