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Version 11.09: maintenance update

News: Tournaments, additions: possibility to work with minutes in decimal. (Jan Bernard) possibility to manually force the end of a game. (Giovanni di Maria, Jan Bernard) New color theme: wooden by Ale Opening lines:  has been added the option to organize the openings in folders new tab: tree of moves. Colors, label changed: from "By default" to "Reset to default" (CottonEaster) Bugs: Playing like a GrandMaster/Woman GrandMaster  when pawn promotion crashs (Eren Külpınar) doesn`t work in Linux (fixed by kupad/github) Downloads  :  Portable:   LucasChessPortable1109.exe Installable:   InsLucasChess1109.exe To update (from v11.05/../11.08a), Information-Search from updates