Monday, December 26, 2016

Version 10.10.3: save positions to FNS/PGN

New update:

Bugs fixed:
  • Turn on the lights: don´t save to pgn (Alfonso L)
  • Albums, Adjourn doesn´t work (Rianer U)
  •  Lucas-Elo in Russian( and others), first engines don´t work (dtz)
  • Training positions, an engine is open and not closed each position (dtz)
  • External engines, better handle for UCI "type string" (fixed by tico-tico in
  • Windows EXE, added "check for updates at startup" option in Configuration/General. (alexxelaart)
  • New option in Configuration/Boards to hide/show cursor when engine is thinking.(GB)
  • New Tool: Save positions to FNS/PGN (Remes+peonpasado)

    Version 10.10.1:

    • Bug fixed, new databases do not work (Serg Iv).
    Version 10.10.2-3:
    • Kibitzer candidates, copy to clipboard the selected line (Cliff Sears)
    • Tools/PGN Viewer/Read a PGN: fixes problem filtering numeric fields (fixed by fonkap)
    • Fixes small bugs related to analysis (fixed by fonkap)
    • Sounds played now with an internal routine, and not with an external proccess.

    To update:

      Saturday, December 3, 2016

      Version 10.09: some bugs fixed

      Bugs fixed:

      • Mat in 1/2 freezes (alexxelaart+RU)
      • Analysis, adding variants, bad num move.
      • Kibitzers with non english symbols. (massivfat)
      • Database, edit, paste, read PGN (Tobi)
      • Information links, don´t works in Linux (Coyote112358)


      • Information panel in a game, added splitter to accomodate sizes between variants and comments

      • Engines:
        • Updated Rodent II (Pawel Koziol) to 0.9.64
        • Updated Stockfish to version 8 in Linux engines.
      • Updated translations: Greek(Nick Delta), Vietnamese(Toan Luong), French(Max Aloyau)