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Version 11.12a: writing down moves of a game

News: Writing down moves of a game (new resource for zebras) The objective is to write fluently the moves in pgn, which can be useful when you start playing long live games. The process is very simple,  You choose a new game and the program selects one automatically.  Then the color is selected, in order to show the board.  Then a move is shown on the board and it is asked at the top to write the same in pgn format, pressing "intro key" continues with the next. There is no distinction between upper and lower case. The result is displayed at the end Changes and improves: Learn a game, show arrow to correct move McBrain updated to version 9.9 by Michael Byrne Training "opening lines" with engines: added the possibility to play against external engines. can be configured automatic analysis when failure. can be configured different levels and books associated Tournaments between engines, pgn to save includes elo information (C. Daniel)