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Version 8 step 4 : improving analysis

This step try to improve analysis, with new indices prepared by Michele : Complexity (formula changed) Most likely result Efficient mobility Narrowness Win percentage More explanations in  Advanced info in LC8.pdf  (changed) by Michele Tumbarello. Another novelty is found when analyzing a game, and in case of detect blunders option is activated, now tactic training is generated (also appears in trainings positions), and two types of training in each tactic, one try to select a good move instead of blunder and the other try to select a move that take advantage of this blunder (some people talk to me about this and I don´t remember who was). When playing with option "Playing against any engine", there is a new option that help to do current move, showing an analysis window of current position. (Michele idea) New indices at end of window Selecting a name to tactics obtained from blunders New option = help to move Downloads: Portable: