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Version 5.00 beta 1

Link : News from last development version are: Bolokay  has written the program's  FAQ  ,  available from Information. Options-Other options : Translation of labels  : primarily for translators. Also to those who want to adapt the labels to their preferences. Sounds edition : to record voices (also external wavs)  that can be heard while playing. For now, only for results and rival moves. Users  : enables a small user management, in the improbable situation that has more than one user using the same computer and lucas chess, or if user wants to organize with more than one entry. Windows position are now saved. Tutor window can now be set vertically. Via Options-Configuration-Boards Critter updated to Version 1.0.1 While playing : Hand cursor to pick up the pieces. ( DRANIX idea)  +Options Tutor change :  engine and/or its thinking time. Sounds : that can be on/off, previously the