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Version 9 step 7: collection of tourney-elo personalities by Michele Tumbarello

New set of playing personalities, created by Michele Tumbarello, that can be played in "Tourney elo" and "Playing against any engine": A great work, during 14 months, running games 8/9 hours a day, not fewer than 12000 test-games.  Michele has prepared a pdf with all explanations:  The second generation of playing personalities in LC 9    They are 117 new personalities, with information about characteristics. 117 personalities + 3x7 GM More news: Updated "Technique trainings" by Michele. Enlarged main book. Elaborated by Michele. Some engines have possibility to play in a limited elo mode, added a new option in "Playing against any engine" using this feature. First try about voice recognition, motivated by a message of Vishy from chessindia. I have included spanish and english, using cmusphinx . This is experimental , voice recognition is not 100% exact, and I have some doubts if it is usable in this context, then I need feedb