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Version 5.00 beta 1

Link :

News from last development version are:

  • Bolokay has written the program's FAQ ,  available from Information.

  • Options-Other options :
    • Translation of labels : primarily for translators. Also to those who want to adapt the labels to their preferences.
    • Sounds edition : to record voices (also external wavs)  that can be heard while playing. For now, only for results and rival moves.
    • Users : enables a small user management, in the improbable situation that has more than one user using the same computer and lucas chess, or if user wants to organize with more than one entry.

  • Windows position are now saved.
  • Tutor window can now be set vertically. Via Options-Configuration-Boards
  • Critter updated to Version 1.0.1
  • While playing :
    • Hand cursor to pick up the pieces. (DRANIX idea)
    •  +Options
      • Tutor change : engine and/or its thinking time.
      • Sounds : that can be on/off, previously they can be set (Options-Other options)


  1. After i open this version and select the language, the GUI shows but it freeze? No such problem in version 403b.

  2. I suppose you will refer that this version has at start a small effect, remains quiet during 3 seconds, after that time, begin to move the pieces to be placed to initial position. If during this initial time, press any icon, this process occurs immediately.

  3. Actually, I just got a blank interface and there is no response at all :(

  4. I need to know what operating system you use, and that you try to install in a different folder than defect, if you want you can email me (lukasmonk in gmail).

  5. Thanks for your help, I have worked it out. My OS is Windows XP Chinese version, it must be that I extract the programme into the path which contain some Chinese characters in its path name. Now everything works fine :)

    I hope you can let players turn off the move animation in your final release version. Many thanks again!

  6. Presentation is static during 3 seconds, and if you choose any option during this time, don´t appear animation.


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