Thursday, May 5, 2011

Versión 5.0 beta 2

New beta with new features:

  • Files polyglot :

    • Create a new book : in PGN file viewer added a new option to create a poliglot file, from games of the current view (with filter possibility). 

    • Merge two books in a third :

To perform these two options is used polyglot.exe program (version 1.4 w), created by Fabien Letouzy, and modified by Fonzy Bluemers

    • Suggestions from tutor: also includes the results (if any) of the consultation of registered books.

    • Training with a polyglot book:
Third tab in Captured material window, show in comment move's list
If you do not choose one of the moves of the book shows a menu

End of game

In any moment, you can select other variant marked in PGN with right button,  and continue from that  move
  • Visual effects : initial presentation and opponent pieces moves can be disabled in Options-Configuration-Boards. (scottmiao advice)
  • Option to show Captured material, now, add a tab with information of current move, and permit direct edition. (Based on a Rui Grafino suggestion)

  • When playing with tutor enabled, and player don´t select tutor's suggestion, this suggestion is saved in Variants. To disable this option, Options-Configuration-Automatic save-Save as variant.... (Robert M.  idea)

  • Creating new games, option to import a PGN file (Training-Utilities-Create your own game,+Options,Read PGN). (Gianfranco Cutipa idea)

  • Other changes :
    • Fixed some errors in the coding of PGN
    • PGN viewer, fixed filter  to take into account the empty fields.
    • The list of users file moved to UsrData
    • Sounds now are played with an external program (soundLucas.exe), to improve perfomance.

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