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Version 10.10.3: save positions to FNS/PGN

New update:

Bugs fixed:
  • Turn on the lights: don´t save to pgn (Alfonso L)
  • Albums, Adjourn doesn´t work (Rianer U)
  •  Lucas-Elo in Russian( and others), first engines don´t work (dtz)
  • Training positions, an engine is open and not closed each position (dtz)
  • External engines, better handle for UCI "type string" (fixed by tico-tico in
  • Windows EXE, added "check for updates at startup" option in Configuration/General. (alexxelaart)
  • New option in Configuration/Boards to hide/show cursor when engine is thinking.(GB)
  • New Tool: Save positions to FNS/PGN (Remes+peonpasado)

    Version 10.10.1:

    • Bug fixed, new databases do not work (Serg Iv).
    Version 10.10.2-3:
    • Kibitzer candidates, copy to clipboard the selected line (Cliff Sears)
    • Tools/PGN Viewer/Read a PGN: fixes problem filtering numeric fields (fixed by fonkap)
    • Fixes small bugs related to analysis (fixed by fonkap)
    • Sounds played now with an internal routine, and not with an external proccess.

    To update:


      1. Hi, Lucas.
        I wonder what should happen if I click "Tools->Database->Complete games"? Now it shows nothing and my bug.log full of this:

        Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "Code\QT\WBase.pyo", line 259, in procesarAccion

        File "Code\Procesador.pyo", line 468, in procesarAccion

        File "Code\Procesador.pyo", line 714, in tools

        File "Code\Procesador.pyo", line 732, in database

        File "Code\QT\PantallaDatabase.pyo", line 67, in __init__

        File "Code\QT\PantallaDatabase.pyo", line 94, in inicializa

        File "Code\QT\WBG_Games.pyo", line 181, in actualiza
        KeyError: 'alm'


        1. I can´t replicate the problem.
          The best option would be that you send me that file with the problem, to trace when it is loaded.

        2. Which file are you talking about? I simple unpacked portable distribution to a new dir, started Lucas Chess, clicked "Tools->Database->Complete games" and nothing happened. Since there is no proper documentation I don't know if something suppose to happen. The bug.log file is full of lines I posted in the first message (they just repeating).
          Maybe this blog is not a proper place to report issues? Maybe it is better to use github as I did with the UCI "type string" thing?

        3. Fixed and published.
          This and Github are good places to report issues, use that you are more comfortable. To do a feedback of pure code GitHub I believe has a better editor, but there is no problem if you send from here. If you want you can send me directly to my mail.

        4. Thank you very much and happy holidays!

      2. Can someone explain what the purpose of the new "Save positions to FNS/PGN" feature is? I don't even understand what it's for.

        1. If you have a lot of positions (massive work) and you want to solve them and convert in a PGN file or a FNS. With the FNS you can train tactics in Lucas Chess, with the PGN same but with other GUIs.

      3. Is this a 64 bit program?
        I noticed there is a shorter list of engines...What happened?
        Great work by the way!

      4. Version 10.10.1
        Windows 7 64 --NO Sound--

      5. I am using the latest version but I cannot post my score. It says "An error occured...."

      6. I can see that you are an expert at your field! I am launching a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me.. Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the success in your business.


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