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Version 11.03: some bugs fixed

Bugs fixed:

  • Analisys, reduced the number of nags produced by analysis (Giovanni di María)
  • Database, save to PGN when select codec = same as file.
  • Playing against a game when mate.
  • Database: to create polyglot books doesn´t works
  • Training positions, bad message when tutor disabled and the training is guided (variator)

  • Scanner of positions, added Alt left, Alt key-left, Alt key-up, Alt key-right, Alt key-down to scan non-square cells
  • Turn on the lights, added more info 
Downloads : 


  1. Thanks for the very interesting program.
    I faced a problem after analyzing a game, saving it in PGN format and opening this file in Aquarium. The moves after a move evaluation symbol (e.g. "!!") are not displayed. At this position in the PGN file I find e.g. "$ $3". After the removal of the first "$" Aquarium is able to show the following moves.

    1. Thank you very much, I have fixed the bug, if you want to fix in your copy, you need to download the file Jugada.pyo and replace this file in your installation copy (it is in the subfolder Code), the file is:

    2. Wonderful. Now the PGN file is correct. Thanks.

  2. Elo perfomance is doing wrong measurement. Elo performance is very low even though there are not many errors

    1. If you have a game where this is clearly showed then send me to lukasmonk at gmail, by example.

  3. Hello, how can I edit an external engine according to your elo rating? I want to set up for different elo rating, ranging from 1000 to 2800 from 100 to 100.

    1. You can start by working with the Tools-Engines-STS option, creating a new section, and testing at different depths, starting with 3, for example, and increasing it to 2000.
      The associated score in the elo option is a mixture of this STS and other external, playing against actual games.
      One alternative is to play a tournament against a 2000 engine, with a fixed depth or a fixed time.

    2. Thanks for the info. Is there any pre-move option? Would be useful in blitz game.


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