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Version 11.14d: some engines updated

Engines updated:

  • Moves can be added via english pgn (proposed by Tobias)
    • when in case O-O and O-O-O both are possible, O-O and a . means short castle. 
    • alternative: o2 = O-O and o3 = O-O-O
  • New games in Play like a GM/Play like a WGM

Bugs fixed:
  • Bad sound messages when check, mate or captures (thanks to Tobias)
  • Evandro Borracini has fixed the next bugs:
    • Issue #1: Training positions and Tactics, the PGN initial comment (i.e. the comment before the first move) is never shown.
    • Issue #2: Training positions and Tactics, , the PGN last comment (i.e. the comment after the last move) is never shown.
    • Issue #3 - Error message showed in case the engine is not found.
  •  Remaching when playing a game against an "opponent for young players" (thanks to Cable Guy)
From 11.14 to 11.14a
  • New: to bind the "backspace" key to "take back move" by default. (Tobias idea)
  • Fix: kibitzer "Stockfish evaluation" doesn´t works with 10 version (thanks to Juan José Valera)
From 11.14a to 11.14b
  • Fix: some training positions don't work (thanks to Andreas W.)
  • Fix: tactics created from pgns with variants don´t work (thanks to Rodrigo Z.)
From 11.14b to 11.14c
  • Fix: kibitzer in one line doesn't work when black (thanks to Vitaliy K.)
  • Creating FNS/tactics from a pgn file, added information from labels Task and Source, to be showed when training (thanks to Vitaliy K.)
From 11.14c to 11.14d
  • Opening lines, memory problems:
    • Fix: importing poliglot books (thanks to Jonathan C) 
    • Fix: exporting to PGN  (thanks to Jonathan C)
Downloads : 
  • Update, from Information menu, Search for updates


  1. Thank you very much for the update Lucas! I would have another small suggestion: How about to bind the "backspace" key to "take back move" by default? Just as an idea.

    Best regards,

    1. I take note of the idea, thanks.

    2. L'ultima versione 11.14a mi si blocca.Mi puoi aiutare?

    3. L'ultima versione 11.14a mi si blocca.Mi puoi aiutare?
      I need a lot more information.

    4. Nella sezione allenati-conclusioni di pegno-riesco a muovere solo io. Ho anche disattivato il tutore e reinstallato il software ma niente.

    5. It is fixed in my code, I´ll try to publish today.

    6. Adesso funziona. Grazie e complimenti.

  2. I get an error by Windows defender:


  3. I also got the Windows virus error. So I downloaded an earlier version, then updated to v11.14, but it won't let me move in play mode.

    1. I need more information.
      First, with the earlier version, all is working ok?
      Which version is that earlier?
      Portable or installable, number ?
      Which is your OS?
      If you want you can contact me at lukasmonk at gmail

    2. The earlier version was the installable ver. 11.11 which worked fine. After updating to 11.14, on my desktop with Windows 10, play mode didn't allow any moves on my part with a track ball. With my Dell laptop with Windows 10, a download of 11.14 went fine and everything seems to work fine using the track pad.

      I'm not sure why I got no virus errors downloading 11.14 to the laptop but got virus warnings downloading 11.14 on the desktop. Both have the same version (the latest) of Windows 10 and Windows Defender. In both cases, I used the installable version.

    3. I have fixed the last update, then now it is possible to update from 11.11 to 11.14.
      Please, could you download?:
      Only to test if Windows Defender complains about it. I have done it with other version of installer tool.

    4. Windows Defender is complaining on portable, installable and the link given above.

    5. Please try this:

  4. Same problem downloading Ins11.14 to my Win10 desktop -- Defender reported a virus and deleted the .exe file. Don't know if this is a false positive or not. Defender didn't report what the threat was though.

    1. I know this is a false positive. Some time ago my war was against Norton, now against Windows Defender. Norton allows me to include the program in a whitelist, but as it has more than 50Mb is not possible with WF.
      Could you try?:

    2. Downloaded the Ins1114r1.exe. Defender still reporting Trojan:Win32/Spursint.F!cl.

  5. Sorry but I didn't download the X update. I'm trying it now. )I downloaded the original 11.14).

    1. Better with:

  6. Downloaded the Ins11.14x version fine. No virus warnings from Defender, but got the error "This app won't run on your PC."

    1. Then the download is not correct.
      It is more interesting to me the test of 1114r1.
      ??? says that WF complains about 1114x.

  7. smart dice que es peligroso y avast dice es un archivo muy extraño y lo envió a su laboratorio , luego informo del resultado , uso windows 10 64 bits actualización 1809 xxxx 168

  8. eso fue instalando InsLucasChess1114r1 volvere a informar de lo que diga el avast

    1. He subido una nueva versión, si te es posible prueba a descargarla, a ver que dicen los antivirus ahora.

  9. Hello Lucas,

    thank you for your beautiful program, it's very entertaining and instructive. I have some questions for you if you don't mind.

    1) How can I force the engines to not offer/accept draws and to not resign when playing against each other? I would like to see the games till the very end.

    2) Is there a quick way to select a time mode or depth mode and let two engines play each other? Sometimes I simply want to set up a position and see how engines would play that without going through the entire process of creating a tournament.

    3) How can I add sound effects when playing? I mean sound of moved piece, check and so on.

  10. Hi,
    1) Minimum points to assign a winner = 999999,
    Minimum moves to assign a draw = 999
    2) Engines tab, double click in each engine, and select the depth/time.
    3) Options-Configuration - Sounds tab - mark all.
    + Options - sounds - custom sounds.
    If you are spanish, I could send you a file adapted, if you email me.

  11. When I download InsLucasChess1114 portable and install, Windows 10 says that they both contain virus. Is there a way to solve this problem?

  12. I have uploaded the file to microsoft (in other messages I say that it was not possible, I was wrong), and the first report says there is not detection, if you have a microsoft account:
    It is pending of a final determination.

    With Virus Total and 70 antivirus test:

    Have you downloaded the last version 11.14a?

  13. I have received the last report of microsoft about the installer:

    Microsoft says:

    Analyst comments:

    We have removed the detection. Please follow the steps below to clear cached detection and obtain the latest malware definitions.

    1. Open command prompt as administrator and change directory to c:\Program Files\Windows Defender
    2. Run “MpCmdRun.exe -removedefinitions -dynamicsignatures”

    Alternatively, the latest definition is available for download here:

    Thank you for contacting Microsoft.

  14. Engines listed in green are free as per this list but I am not sure why only few are included, not sure if all personalities are from best engines or how does it work...

    1. I have set a limit of engines included because the distribution size. Allways it is possible to add more via external engines.

      Tourney personalities created by Michele Tubarello use some engines: greko, hamsters, amyan, toga, gambitfruit...

  15. Oh sorry, I downloaded the latest version 11.14a and it works.

  16. Hi Lucas,
    How is the 'determine your calculating power' score computed? Looks like a random number to me. Sometimes I have 2300 points, when all the move points added are less then 700, and sometimes I get only 100, when the added points are around 600.

    1. In this score is rewarded the success in depth, that may be the reason.

  17. After five years of using this excellent program I just discovered that there are two different versions of Challenge 101 - one on the Train Menu (under Training Positions/Personal Training) and one on the Compete Menu (under Singular Moves). They differ from each other but both are very useful.

  18. My system is Ubuntu 18.04, Wine 3.0-1. In the PGN viewer the Next and Prev buttons do not work and the alternative (clicking on the next move on the right side of the screen) is a bit awkward. Any chance of a fix?

    1. To navigate in board/pgn table, keys are: left, top, right and bottom.
      Also wheel.
      I can´t test wine.

    2. I did not know about using the arrow keys. Much better than the mouse, Thank you, Lucas.

  19. first, you really deserve more support!!!
    second, can you add a tool that explores games with the opening you choose, or the first 15 move?

    1. Database of games, can import games from a pgn, also allows filtering according to an opening. It has a summary, which makes the filter too.


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