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LINUX - First binary version

The first official binary version of Lucas Chess on Linux has just been released.

It has only been made possible by the great work done by Laudecir Daniel, choosing and compiling the 67 engines, as well as laying the groundwork so that the binaries can be more widely used and others such as shortcut creation, installation scripts, ......

In addition, Graham O'Neill has provided Linux-specific drivers for several digital boards.

This version has two limitations:

  • 64-bit Linux OS only.
  • Minimum GNU libc version: 2.26 (ldd --version shows it)

Installation has been made as simple as possible:

  • The installer is a .sh file, generated with the makeself tool, and can be downloaded from:
  • The file must be run from a terminal with user permissions only:
    • sh ./
  • Launches a GUI with very basic options:
    • Install:
      • Installs in LucasChessR folder inside the home user folder.
      • Generates a shortcut in Applications > Games
      • Launch the application at the end when pressing Close.
    • Plays Lucas Chess without installing only to test.


  1. Unable to add new engines and open pgn files from. There are some bugs, but otherwise it works. Generally, thanks for the Linux version.

    1. The program creates a file = bug.log, with the errors it finds.
      It is a text file, if you want you can send it to lukasmonk at gmail or a link to a download site or copy it directly here.

    2. However it works, but I have to run the app as root and I updated png-libraries

  2. Hi Lucas, I've installed this official version on my laptop running Debian 11 and everything is working fine, it's an absolute delight using this awesome piece of chess software :) thanks so much for all your hard work!!

    I am however experiencing a rather strange bug, it's not a big deal but it does affect one of my favorite features of the program. I thought I'd mention it in case there is a simple solution for it. It was also present in the first Google Drive version you posted.
    The bug occurs when I use this feature: Train-> Games-> Learn a game-> Playing against.

    Immediately after a fresh install of Lucas Chess, this feature works absolutely fine, I can go in, load a PGN game and play through the game and everything works perfect but the more I use this feature the slower it gets, it's really weird. Like after I use it 5 or 6 times it starts to get really slow to load, I'll click on 'Play against' and the window that usually pops up immediately starts to take more and more time to appear, on a previous installation it even reached a point where nothing would appear at all in the window, it just appears black and my laptop would start to hang and a message asking me if I want to force quit would appear. I'm not trying to load a huge database either, it's only a small collection of Fischer's games (around 400 games).

    My current installation of Lucas Chess is only a few days old, I've used this training exercise 8 times and right now it's slow but still working, when I click 'Playing against' the pop window appears black and the program hangs for a little while, when the window finally appears properly and I try to click the + sign to add a new game from either a PGN file or database, the force quit message appears but if I wait a few seconds, I can still choose a game, everything remains laggy until the window where I have to chose the side I will play, after that there is no problem, I can play through the entire game with the tutor and everything else working fine, no lag. Maybe I should also mention that I have a pretty weak Celeron laptop with 4gb of RAM, although I don't think that's the problem since the first few times I use this feature everything works perfect.

    Anyways it's not a huge deal, I've been distro-hopping quite a bit recently so I'm always reinstalling Lucas Chess :D Everything else is working fine :)

    Thanks again!

    1. It's not a Linux problem, it's an application problem, I've just fixed it. The first time it do the reading after installing the patch it will also be quite slow, but in successive times the time will be normal.

      If you want to test the patch, just copy the file bin/Code/QT replacing one with the same name.

    2. Hey Lucas, thanks for the quick reply and patch :) Before I checked the blog here, this morning, I came up with a simple workaround, all I had to do was delete all the games (around 10) that I had played so far from the first window that appears when I click on 'Playing against'. After that, everything worked smoothly again just like on a fresh install of the program :) it doesn't really bother me to delete those games because I don't usually replay games I've played through once in that training mode.

      Of course, I've downloaded and applied your patch but I can't tell right now if it works (I'm sure it does) since I just cleared all the games from that initial window and everything was working smoothly anyway. I'll be sure to report here if there is any issue.

      Thanks again :)

  3. Hello

    Thank you very much for your awesome work, installed very easily on debian buster with ratpoison window manager

    But I have a problem, the program started just fine, but when I click on Documents under Information, nothing happens

    i checked the bug.log file, but there is nothing there


  4. but I think that is just a problem with my browser, because I think it's links to the website

    But now I have another problem, when I click on 'Check for updates' I receive: Encountered a network problem, cannot access the Internet

    How to solve this?

    Much appreciate

    1. You could try, previously:


      I have made some changes to the code, so it will not be necessary in the future.

  5. Getting the following information when I run the installer:

    Verifying archive integrity... 100% MD5 checksums are OK. All good.
    Uncompressing Lucas Chess R 1.26 100%
    No protocol specified
    This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

    Available platform plugins are: eglfs, linuxfb, minimal, minimalegl, offscreen, vnc, webgl, xcb.

    Aborted (core dumped)"

    I tried installing the qt stuff, but the message didn't went away. Can you instruct me which prerequisites I need exactly? Thanks.

    1. Prerequisites,
      64-bit Linux OS only.
      Minimum GNU libc version: 2.26 (ldd --version shows it)

    2. I got Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64bits, which runs a higher libc version than 2.26.
      The issue seems to be related to Qt or some plugins...I don't understand what's missing.

  6. I got Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64bits, which runs a higher libc version than 2.26.
    The issue seems to be related to Qt or some plugins...I don't understand what's missing.

    1. I just tried Ubuntu 20.04, with a freshly installed version, actually using Try Ubuntu, I downloaded the program and it ran correctly.

    2. Unfortunately I can't reinstall it, is there a way to find out what's going wrong? Isn't Qt pointing at something?

    3. Unfortunately I can't reinstall it, is there a way to find out what's going wrong? Isn't Qt pointing at something?

    4. From the ignorance, perhaps: sudo apt-get install qt5-default

    5. The error message stays the same.

    6. The error message stays the same.

      This is an installation done in Ubuntu 20.04, if you want to test it.

  7. hello version 1.26 R
    by wanting to create a polyglot book, after confirmation the program crashe and closes, with no polyglot creation in my book folder

  8. Hi ,this soft is awesome ,but i have idea to add analysis option profile from lichess ane,how many good moves ,bad moves ,blunders etc.And when some chose analysisis they can chose profile default ,lichess or
    This could be awesome option.

  9. This doesn't work for me. When I try to run it I only get a short error messsage...

    $ cd ~/LucasChessR/
    $ ./
    [44876] Failed to execute script Launcher

    I'm running Arch Linux, my libc version is 2.33

  10. Hello and thanks a lot for your work. I love Lucas-Chess on Windows, but on Linux its just a Beta-Version. I use Mint 22.2 with Kernel 5.4 and 5.11 and have many problems.
    I will change the colours, and if i choose a colour, LC crashes. I try to save a game, LC crashes, and more and more and more.....
    And sorry for my english, im german.

    1. Not much experience with Linux.
      But I think this solves it:

      cd ~/LucasChessR
      sudo ./LucasR

  11. Hi Lucas
    I wanted to download a previous version of LucasChess, however I'm unable to download anything from Version R 1.14 and older as Bintray does no longer host your file. Could this be solved?

    I updated the program recently and noticed at least a couple older chess engines did no longer work, such as ProDeo 16 and Atlas 360. That's why I wanted to backtrack to a version when it still worked.

    1. From my point of view the interesting thing is to find out what has happened so that they don't work now.
      In the old versions there was a bug that if no time or depth limits were set, and no time was set for the game, it was always set to a limit of 1 second per move.
      Now, for this case, the engine is instructed that it has 10 minutes to think and the opponent has another 10 minutes. For this reason it now takes much longer than before (1 second).

      Could this be the problem?

      To emulate the old procedure, it is sufficient to limit the engine's thinking to 1 second.

    2. I understand that, that's also why I wanted to find the latest version where they worked to help with backtracking any changes made.
      I found quite the old version on my computer, version 11.08a. Both engines work in that version. Unfortunately in R 1.27a, it doesn't matter whether I set a fixed depth, a fixed thinking time (I tried 1 second and 5 seconds) or a time control. ProDeo 1.6 won't make moves. The purple circle icon shows up and that's it. I also tried a 60 minute time control to see whether or not it's vastly slowed down, but still no move.

    3. If possible can you send me the executable of one of the two engines or where I can download it to lukasmonk in gmail and I will try it directly.

  12. Hello Lucas,

    I use the latest version on Windows 10. I noticed a problem in competition against the tutor. IF the tutor is enabled and IF you make several takebacks, the game freeze and don't answer at all. This don't happen if the tutor is disabled.

    Is there also a limit to the number of takebacks you can make ?

    I have also a question, do you keep the game played (like competition against the tutor) somewhere in a database ?

    Thanks for the program


    1. I will try to solve problem with takeback and tutor.

      In Tools/Database there is one = __Autosave__

  13. Hello Lucas,

    I have the latest version of your app installed on my pop os machine and every time I press the tools button nothing happens or the app crashes. Is this a problem with the app, and if not how can I troubleshoot?

    1. Perhaps, running with sudo may solve the problem.


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