Friday, September 2, 2011

Version 6.0 dev4 with favourites and a daily test

Version 6.0 dev 4 : LucasChessPortable60dev4.exe

Changed the version number from 5.5 to 6.0, because there are important changes, and some of them will take some development.

  • Game against an engine of your choice :
    • New options to set strength : High level, Intermediate level and Low level, based on probabilities. High level select a move based in a list where better moves are more likely, and so on. (it remains the use of personalities as proposed laser in immortalchess forum).
    • Select a book :  then opponent select moves firstly from the polyglot book choosen. (thanks to baddadza for this idea)

  • Training favorites, to simplify the selection of frequently used options :

  • New option in Training : Your daily test : you must solve 5 positions, with each answer, then calculate the difference in points with an engine solution. Only one result is saved each day, the last.

  • New feature to adjust the sensitivity of the tutor. Then tutor will not appear unless the points difference is greater than a fixed points or a percentage or both. (thanks to Keith McCabe for this idea).

  • Training - Utilities - Create your own game : it also saves analysis (thanks to Nguyen Tuan Long for this idea)
  • Updated Komodo 3.0
  • Some bugs solved ( thanks to bulldozer, bolokay, ...)

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