Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Version 6.0 beta 1 : Personalities

First beta of version 6:

Fixed some bugs and Pawny engine is updated from 0.2.2 to 0.3.
Also Personalities are introduced to adjust the engine strength in training option "Game against an engine of your choice".
Based on Laser ideas from immortalchess forum, and adapted to simplify development.

It has added the ability to add (delete, edit) a personality with the following configuration:
  • Name
  • Type strenght taken as the basis

Parameters are divided between middlegame and endgame, and switching between them is determined by the number of pieces in play.
User must indicate points that will add or subtract to those calculated by the engine.

Parameters are :
  • Depending on the following move:
    • If it is moved a pawn.
    • When moving a piece: in the middlegame, shall apply if a piece is more closer to the other side, at in the endgame, apply if is more closer to enemy king.
    • Make check.
    • Capture.

  • According to the expected moves:
    • Keeping the two bishops.
    • If there is progress, it is calculated the distance of all the pieces till the enemy king and weighted according to each piece type, this calculation is made at the beginning and end of moves, and considers that progress has been made if the distance has been reduced.
    • Make check.
    • Capture.

This is a first approximation, it is expected that increasing the number of options in the future.

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