Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Version 9 step 6: small improvements and source code in GitHub

I have fixed some bugs and added small improvements:

1. Playing against any engine, added the option of including a summary about tutor (ADT)

2. Tutor, option to change multiPV value, default is maximum. (thetasquared)

3. New sets of pieces:
Jin Alpha author Eric De Mund
Prmi author Maurizio Monge
Freak author Maurizio Monge
Skulls author Maurizio Monge

4. Komodo engine, version changed to 5.1r2

Source code of development version hosted on GitHub (I am testing and learning this new environment for me.)

Windows binaries:


  1. Hi Lucas, congratulations for the excellent program! It was recommended to me but i don't know what to install: the Instalable version or the portable version? I have a notebook with windows 7. What is the diference?

  2. They are the same,
    Instalable is more easy to install, you don´t need to think where to install, and it creates the links to the program, and inform to windows which is the way to uninstall.
    Portable, only ask for a folder to save the program, and nothing more, it less intrusive,
    Installable is best choice for most users.

  3. Ok, I will follow your advice, thank you very much!

  4. Hi, where do I find the Version 9 download?

    1. You have in this page, previous to comments, Windows binaries.

  5. How i can contribute to "Lucas Chess"?What type of feature i can contribute?

    1. Thank you for your offer.
      If you referring to as a user, do a complete test this version in development is the most important thing at the moment.
      Perhaps today I will publish a new dev version.