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Version 9: Summary of changes

  • Tourney-elo:
    • New set of playing personalities, created by Michele Tumbarello, that can also  be played "Playing against any engine". They are 117 new personalities, with information about characteristics. Created by Michele Tumbarello
  • Playing in general:
    • Tutor opinion saved (when option marked in configuration), even when it is the same as user move. (ADT)
    • When playing opponent then changed cursor (and doesn't show a message) (?)
    • Keyboard changed to support indicating moves by keyboard (Robert Anderson), now ALT-f=flip, ALT-c=save pgn, ALT-i=save png img, ALT-d=director.
    • Can be stablished main window as top window in relation other programs. (Red Hood)
    • Analyzing a game, new option to show graphics at end (ADT). 
    • Enlarged main book. Elaborated by Michele Tumbarello.
  • Lucas elo:
    • It is possible to play against all better engines, even from beginning. (?+++)
  • Playing against any engine:
    • Tutor used and tutor general are now the same. (ADT)
    • Shows arrows with the thought of opponent. (Michele)
    • Opening selection, can be selected by mouse, and with the depth the user wants, allowing non standard.
    • Option to select a poliglot book and that their moves are mandatory.
    • Added second chance option, then when move is not the better, program shows the number of better moves and user can select to rethink. (Remes)
    • Warm when zeitnot can be set (bbbaro25us,Rui Grafino), and the sound associated.
    • Option of including a summary about tutor (ADT)
    • More options to select an engine, added tourney-elo engines, and fixed elo engines.
  • Playing like a GM:
    • Internally changed, it is incompatible with previous versions.
    • Can be selected the opening. (Adrijan)
    • Bypass moves in a book. (Jeremy Bernstein)
  • Create your own game:
    • Reading pgn files, take into account original codec (Reinhard)
    • Open with reopen option.
    • Voyager 1 option in Config tool, to write a pgn in an external doc
  • Databases:
    • Databases can be placed in any folder. (?)
  • Tools-Engines:
    • Support to STS: Strategic Test Suite, More info  Authors: Dan Corbit & Swaminathan
  • Director:
    • Added square markers
  • Training openings:
    • Changed interface to select opening
  • Tutor engine:
    • Option to change multiPV value, default is maximum. (thetasquared)
  • Fide-elo,Fics-elo:
    • Always use tutor engine.
    • Enhanced analysis, now can be asked for new current analysis as engine is working in background. (Nils Andersson)
  • Determine your calculating power:
    • Added possibility to repeat a training (Swaminathan)
  • Kibitzers:
    • Option to enable or disable as top window(always visible or not) (thetasquared)
  • Chess positions on a world map
    • New training option, externally a little different from the others. It works with a world map divided into countries, where each country is associated with a chess position, the goal is to solve all the positions of all countries. You get a country when you win its position. Then you can select a border-country and so on.
    • WorldMap and Africa
    • Mate positions and  STS positions
  • Tournaments
    • It shows on live results (Urban Gustavsson, Di Maria Giovanni)
  • New translations:
    • Arabic by Mohamad Alhedhed
    • Dutch by Willy Lefebvre
    • Slovenian by Matjaž Seničar
  • New sets of pieces:
    • Jin Alpha author Eric De Mund
    • Prmi author Maurizio Monge
    • Freak author Maurizio Monge
    • Skulls author Maurizio Monge
  • Voice Recognition:
    • First try about voice recognition, motivated by a message of Vishy from chessindia. 
    • Voices can be downloaded from Options-Sounds
    • It is activated from Options, Configuration, Sounds.
    • It can be trained from Options, Sounds, Test Voice.
    • It can be used from Tools, Create your own game, Config, Activate voice. Also in Tools, Create your own game, Config, Voyager 1 (a minimal board to translate a pgn from a doc that don´t allow to copy/paste).
  • Engines:
  • Correspondence-Chess: 
    • Eliminated, probably not be used by anyone. 
    • If it is useful to you, say me and I add it in the next update.
Windows binaries:


  1. Hi Lukas!
    Thank You for Lukas Chess 9 version!
    A lot of new very interesting possibilities, but...I have a questions:

    1.Why in "play against en engine of your choice" option the tutor engine thinking so slowly ?!
    In the same position under Fritz13 GUI the same engine (10s of thinking) show 19 depth for example, but under Lukas Chess the depth past 10 s of thinking is 11 only ?!
    2. In "Play Like Grandmaster Option" default Stockfish 6 works good, but another external engine (like Houdini 4 for example) probably crash and the engine still thinking without the end
    3.In our correspondency (about one year ago) You promiced me, that in "play against en engine of your choice: option will be possibility to play automatically in pair with the engine against another engine. (Now I must CTR-1 key use for starting engine work)
    What about this possibility? I'd like ask you, when this option will be including in next updates? Will be ? Please!
    I'm very often use this training option!
    My moves: odd
    My engine (partner) moves: even
    And smart conclusion..."Our" arithmetic mean (My elo + Engine partner elo)/2 = about opponent engine Elo !
    Its give an excellent new, very pleasure and valuable training option! Please rethink this option :)

    Chris K.

    1. Hi Chris,
      1. In LC, stockfish uses MultiPV, and this slows it but it is more didactical. IE it doesn't seek a position but a lot at same time. You can reduce this value to increase its speed.
      2. I don´t know, other engines with same problem ?
      3. Sorry, I remember now, I don´t know what I thought in that moment, I guess that existing Ctrl-1, is a solution, not good, but a solution.
      This project is only for fun, I do not require me to be serious enough, but I try it.
      I have a long file with all ideas people say to me, your idea is in it; I add your new thoughts but I can´t promise anything.


    2. Hi again Lukas!

      About 1: All engines works VERY SLOW in comparise to Arena or Fritz GUI (Houdini 4 depth= 16 (!) past 2min thinking !!
      Under Fritz GUI depth=23 in the same position of course, Difference is too big in my opinion.

      About 2: Only external engines think endless

      About 3: I have 3 chess friends,which systematically (like me) using play in pair with engine (with CTRL 1 key of course) :)
      Its no problem with CTRL1 use, but with automatically engine play own move - will be elegance and more comfortably :) And more users will be chance to find this kind of training.

      Chris K.

    3. Hi Lukas!
      MultiPV option slows speed of engines. Its fact! But, if I reduce maximum value to 5 MultiPV for example, the engine crash in situation when my proporsal move is from behind this 5 line list.
      Engines stop think and this is the end of game.

      Default value of MultiPV=Maximum is too big in my opinion.Effectively decrease engine speed! Too much!
      Maybe value =5 or 7 will be optimal for didactical and speed aspects.
      But....engine can't crash past change that value. Now the engine crash unluckily :(
      Could You like try fix this problem, please? :)

      Chris K.

    4. I can´t crash my copy, with MultiPV = 3 and bad moves.
      Then I need, exact config of Tutor, all parameters, and exact config of game, all parameters.

    5. Hi Lucas! Thanks for creating this program! I've been using it quite a bit to help improve my chess and really like it so far.
      In fact, I think the high default MultiPV setting causes some engines to give the wrong answer! For example when I analyse the game below (from "Unbeatable Chess Lessons for Juniors") using the built-in Stockfish 6 it thinks that 11. Kb4 is the best move.
      I get a similar answer with Stockfish 6 when I call it as an external engine with MultiPV of around 10 or higher. However, if I bump the MultiPV down to 4 the program realizes that 11. Kb4 is a serious error and allows black to force a draw. (The right move is 11.Kb).
      Anyway, I think you should seriously consider bumping down the default MultiPV value. The default shows a confusingly large number of
      variations anyway and users can explore their own lines pretty easily.

      [Event "?"]
      [Site "Vienna"]
      [Date "1872.??.??"]
      [Round "?"]
      [White "Hamppe"]
      [Black "Meitner"]
      [Result "1/2-1/2"]

      1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Bc5 3.Na4 Bxf2+ 4.Kxf2 Qh4+ 5.Ke3 Qf4+ 6.Kd3 d5 7.Kc3 Qxe4
      8.Kb3 Na6 9.a3 Qxa4+ 10.Kxa4 Nc5+ 11.Kb4 a5+ 12.Kxc5 Ne7 13.Bb5+ Kd8 14.
      Bc6 b6+ 15.Kb5 Nxc6 16.Kxc6 Bb7+ 17.Kb5 Ba6+ 18.Kc6 Bb7+ 1/2-1/2

    6. Correction: My above message should read "(The right move is 11.Kb5). "

    7. I have changed in 9.01 the default number, from maximum to 10, this is a lot of, but to a person that is beginning is enough good. When he has more experience, it is very easy to configure to a more precise value. I have also changed from 1s to 3s by default.
      Thank you very much

  2. Hi, and thanks for a great program. I wonder if there's a chance that Play like a GM could allow importing files that we ourselves have, instead of those on your site. To explain: You have a file on Gata Kamsky's games, but I'm only interested in those that start 1. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 and that is a definite minority. I have a set of those games on my computer and would love to work my way through those using your program. Thanks. Tom Ewald, Detroit Area

    1. You can use: Tools-PGN viewer-Read PGN-Utilities-Create training to Play like a GM.

    2. Thank you SO much! One thing, though: Why does it not evaluate my incorrect guesses, and why do I receive no score? Is there a setting somewhere to engage the engine? Thanks, again. Tom Ewald, Detroit Area

    3. I don´t understand, I need more information.

  3. Thanks for the best chess program!

  4. Recently I updated my version! This software is even better! The most amazing features I could see was the new interface of analysis result (with the score graph and the individual values of average error after every move) and the personalities on Elo-Tourney section (that are the main tools I use). Thank you!

  5. Hi! Love the software, i do have a question though.
    The fixed elo rating chess engines seem to be a bit harder than it should be! I am a 1400 plaayer on chess.coM and i cannot win rodent @ 1200. how accurate are the ratings?

    1. This measure is decided by the engine author.
      I don´t determined if is or is not accurate.
      Perhaps in a short time stress situation it is really a 1200, I don´t know.

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