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Development version 11.00.18: new translation, Ukrainian and a new competition


  • New translation to Ukrainian by Volodymyr Soltys (initiated by Maxym Makarchuk)

Engines updated:


  • Elo perfomance total and in opening, middle game and end game (Eren Külpınar)


  • Automatic save of games,... , thanks to Jacques D
  • some changes in level 1, thanks to Jacques D


  • Position of board configuration icon in Options-Configuration-Boards

New competition:
  • Strength in positions with only one good response (singular move).


  1. Very very NICE!!!!
    Elo perfomance total and in opening, middle game and end game

  2. You must install some libraries. There are the dependencies in

  3. Hey Lucas, just recently found your software and it looks really helpful, especially creating training files from my own blunders/mistakes. But I'm having trouble getting that aspect of it to work.

    What I'd like to do is create a training file from several games, but I can't get it to work. I've loaded my games into a database, then I go into that database and into utilities and create tactics training but no matter if I have 1 game or several games highlighted it asks me to name the file and then shows a percentage bar at 2% or 5% but it never moves from there. I've left it running for hours just to see with no results.

    What am I doing wrong? I've looked through configuration to see if I haven't set something up but I can't find anything, and I've gone through the documentation that I could find on Lucas Chess' website but not finding a solution. Can you assist?

    1. Send me example data to lukasmonk at gmail, this is more easy to analyze the problem.

  4. Automatic save of games in transsiberian do not include 'date' field.

  5. I think i found a bug, after playing 200 of the learn tactics by repetition, checkmates from the FCIS database, attacking the king in castle m2-m7. It crashed out of the trainer and I had to delete that session and start over. Is this an issue or do you always have to start over after exiting?

    1. Perhaps it is a bug of the program, but it is very difficult to know which is the problem. I´ll study the way used to save results to do it more often.

    2. I should also add that prior to crashing it started having issues moving to the next puzzle after correcting solving the current position. This started around puzzle 196.
      Thank you for the excellent program Lucas.

  6. Hello and thanks for the great software. I had a suggestion which I sent to your mail too. I think a tournament system where the player can compete against a chosen group of the personalities, in either the swiss or round-robin formats, would be a great addition.

    1. Hi, more people ask me for the same suggestion, I have in mind, thanks.

  7. Prodeo 2.4 engine has different personalities.
    I had mount the engine via WB2uci.exe and I've got an access only to four personalities instead of 13.
    I've no idea what is wrong.
    it is possible to mount this engine via rebeluci.exe too, but result is the same.

    1. You must edit wb2uci.eng file and change line 21 to:
      Personality=setvar personality personal\%s.eng|combo|ProDeo|Absolute Novice Player|Alexander Alekhine|Anatoli Karpov|Average Club Player|Garry Kasparov|Judith Polgar|lose|Michael Tal|ProDeo|Q3 - Tactical Engine|Robert Fischer|Strong Club Player|Vishy Anand

  8. Could it be done with the mouse instead of a key on the keyboard for the use of the arrows?

    1. I'm working on this right now, the next version will bring news on this issue.


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