Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Development version 11.00.20a: Lucas Chess moved to pythonanyware

Bugs fixed:

  • Moves via keyboard, c is not working (John)
  • Doesn´t show figurines in Variants.
  • PGN reader when positions with solutions, option Utilities-List of FENS, doesn´t create a FNS file with solutions (Remes).


  • Pawn endings
  • Background color in selected rows  can be changed (Options-Colors-General-Tables). (Remes)


11.00.20 -> 11.00.20a:
# Long analysis of a position, new cancel button (?)
# Depth as an option to tutor (R.Giorgi)
# <enter> to select in PGN reader (Remes)
# Added ALT-J to an screenshot of board (Remes)
# Removed menu.symbols in board to do a screenshot(Remes)


  1. Lucas Monge, Sir there's one word for you "respect". Would be a much pleasant experience to see this on android

    1. The problem is that it's not easy to make the change. It needs a lot of work and the use of other tools.

  2. Hi
    Who is more stronger, McBrain or Sugar XPro?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Giovanni, I have no idea. In the program Mcbrain is used because I trust it more, among other things.

  3. Hey Lucas and Giovanni.
    I am still alive lol...
    I have travelled across half europe last two months, so i had little time to spend on LC.
    Now i am "almost" stable, in the town of my academy, so i have some hour for my beloved hobby, that is LC.
    In a few days, i'll send you some new positions for technique training and a new fantastic training, impossible to find elsewhere.