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Version R2.02 and more....

New help documents

The lack of direct support for the programme has always been one of the programme's Achilles heels, which has been mitigated thanks to the contributions made in several languages and included in the Documents section of the website.

Bru888 has produced the most complete guide to the programme.

It is a guide divided into 5 parts Play, Train, Compete, Tools, Options, which can be accessed from the documents section of the website.


I am aware that it requires a huge effort that is not very visible.

I have tried to provide some additional tools, so that from the program itself you can see the changes as you translate (Options/General configuration/Activate translator help mode). 

I would like this to be a help to translators, and to encourage more people in those languages that are not sufficiently translated.

For native English speakers, please keep in mind that English is just another language to translate, and there may be some mistranslations, so help in this sense is welcome.

New engines

Komodo has been updated to 13.02 and lc0 to 0.28.2.

Also the Rodent II personalities are directly accessible, when choosing the engine (Playing against any engine).

An interesting feature that has been included is playing against an engine, the possibility to change the last move of the engine, which can help working on openings or in general to be aware of how the game would develop against another move.


Graham O'Neill is doing a great job in programming the eboards drivers. He is constantly making new additions and updates.

Therefore the update system of the program has been changed internally, which will allow the eboards drivers to be updated independently of LucasChess updates. 

For the user no special action is required, the process is, when the update command is given (automatic or manual), in case an eboard is configured in the program, first the version of the eboard drivers is checked and downloaded in case it is different, and then it is checked if there is any update of the program.

Chess Leagues

New option for the confrontation between engines, whose novelty lies in the possibility to include the player himself as an opponent (more than one human opponent is allowed).

It takes the organisation of football leagues, dividing the opponents into divisions, and the game into seasons. 

The current structure is rigid 3 divisions, 10 opponents per division and 18 rounds in each season, in the future I might consider generalizing the number of opponents and divisions.

The process is simple, first create a league, with some parameters and opponents, 30 between humans and engines, and then play it, round by round.


  1. Can I ask you a question? When I install Lucass Chess R with user perm I cannot Install External Engine. plz send help

    1. If it is installed for all users, it is best to install it in a folder where all users have permissions, or to change the data folder, from Options, User data folder

  2. Replies
    1. I have this Linux problem pending. I hope to provide a solution in September.

  3. also if you use/press ANY tool that requires external input it will crash

    1. The next version will use a customised system for selecting files, with the option to switch to the operating system's native mode (from Options/Configuration).

  4. Any thoughts of adding verbose commentary, such as "Better is.." , or "loses Rook.." , when running engine analysis for training new players?

    1. I suppose there is a lot of work that could be done in this regard, but it is not a simple thing, you have to spend a few hours thinking about it and programming it and with everything it is easy to get it wrong when trying to understand the position in an automated way. It is a good idea.

  5. Thank you for the best free chess program sir. Please would it be possible to add and evaluation bar for chess analysis? If it is possible, then can you add it in your next update? Thanks again

  6. I have been using the free chess program for a while and one of the features I use most is resistance training, but noticed today that autosave is saving it without player and event info, hope could be quick fix in future release


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