Friday, June 3, 2011

Versión 5.1 with kibitzers

I have found some more bugs in version 5.0, and I have decided to launch a new version.
This new version includes the possibility of launching advisers to analyze the positions on the board, for its development, I have based on thorough explanations of Daniel Trebejo.

Access to this new function is done through the +Options menu.

Initial menu
First, you must create a new one and configure it.

There are three types, 
  • First : make the analysis of the response to the current position.
  • Second : seeks out threats (I do not understand their use), calculate what the rival would do if he could move again.
  • Third : shows possible moves and with the possiblity to analyze any of them.

You can :
  • create all kibitzers that you want.
  • launch all kibitzers that you want, limit is your pc resources.
  • move and resize the kibitzer-window, it is remembered in the next launch.

Other options, are : 
  • Terminate.
  • Pause-Continue : if you have 3 kibitzers and your pc processor smell something burning, you can pause any of them.
  • Copy to clipboard last analysis to add to variants.
  • In third type (possible moves), double click over a move to analyze response to this move.

Double click over Qxh2+ and analysis begin.


  1. Sorry, don't know where to put this query but this page seems to be perfect for it. How can I increase the size of chess board in kibitzer window?

    1. Hi,
      In the same way that all other boards, right button over a corner of the board, then appears a popup menu,....

    2. Hello,
      Ya, actually while handling your program I came to know about it. Anyways thanks for your prompt reply. I am really enjoying your program. Its too good to satisfy my "chess learning needs." Please let me know a proper place to put my comments on this site or any other site.

    3. Last entry of this blog is a good site. (now
      Also directly to my email.