Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Version 5.3 Captures and more

Version 5.3 is mainly a bug fixing update, but it has some news :

  • Changes on captured material panel (proposed by Rui and Steph): 
Position now to the left of board
Show/hide with mouse

To show/hide via menú (+Options)
Enable/disable by default (Options-Configuration)

  • Maurizio Monge has published (Wikimedia Commons) two sets of pieces (LGPL license) that are included in the program.

  • Possibility of log of all moves analyzed by tutor in CSV format(to work in a spreadsheet), enabled in Options-Configuration-Automatic save (Proposed by Ransith)

  • Training with option Game again an engine of your choice, posibility to change rival while playing. (Proposed by Steph)


  1. Hi Lucas,
    Thank you for the program.

    I am an absolute chess beginner, and I stumpled upon your program. It might not be the right one for new-comers. If so, my points might not be valid.

    1) I believe there's some mistakes in the 'mate in 1' training.
    In block 2 problem 8 - Why can't I move the queen to d4?
    In block 2 problem 10 - Who is covering e5??? I don't think this problem is solvable

    2) It would be very nice if I was told why a given move is wrong insted af just saying it is wrong. E.g. "no cover on b6" or "Your chess can be blocked" etc.

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    1) 8/2 : if you move Q -> d4, then K -> c6 and not is mate in 1.
    10/2 : the same knight that you move

    2) The only answer that is easy is to show rival moves and not is mate in 1,but I think it's preferable to find out the player himself.
    Your options are more valuables, but much more difficult to program.

    I believe, and this is one opinion, that this program can be useful to new comers.