Friday, June 10, 2011

Version 5.2 Standard openings

The new version 5.2, try increasing the support for standard openings, with two new options :

  • Training - Learn openings by repetition

It is a very simple system whose aim is facilitate the learning of openings.
It is based on repetition and records number of repetitions made according to the side.

First step : you set up the training by clicking on New, where you must indicate a name and an opening to study. You can specify more than one opening.

Next, clicking on Train, asks us to choose sides, and the number of repetitions.

  • Options - +Options - Custom openings

Add to standard list : if you want to add this opening to the next openings
or only you want to use in trainings openings.


  1. Animation has bugs, when for exmaple the CPU move the bishop I can cancel the bishop animation while is moving to another square and that make that the board has bugs when move anothers pieces become confusing

  2. Corrected to the next update.
    Thank you very much

  3. Thank you Lucas for the program

    I think it's better to put an option to enable/ disable the animation

    Here an image:

    As you can see the left board has the bishop out of the square because I did a premove so the bishop animation has stopped there

    The board in the right is just an example of the what must show the program

  4. This is the problem I have solved but the update isn´t yet published.
    Internally, in the next release, program wait till piece has made the move to the end, and this problem doesn´t exist.
    In your program now you can disable animation,
    version 5.0 or more = Visual effects : initial presentation and opponent pieces moves can be disabled in Options-Configuration-Boards.

  5. Hi there Lucas. I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the great program!

  6. Hello. I am new to Lucas Chess. I would like to practice openings. Following along with your instructions, I open Training, pick an opening to train with, but I cannot check the box. It changes to a depressed box, but will not check. When I try to type the name in, I get an error message: "Not indicated the name of training" and it will not proceed. I can however right click on the opening name, and "Mark" and "All" appear, but again, when I click on Accept it sends an error message and will not continue. What am I doing wrong?

  7. How I can make "Mark" / "All" in new version 9.01?

    1. It is not possible now, it is necessary to indicate one by one.
      A boring system, but more powerful because you can specify different variants to those included by default.

  8. Its a great program. But, I've just tried to select 'Lean Openings by repetition', I typed in 'kings's pawn-Sicilian Defence' and didn't recognise the name!! On checking your list of openings, THE SICILIAN DEFENCE is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!! I cant believe that you would create an openings database and NOT include the Sicilian. Is it possible to upload openings into the database?

  9. ????
    Hi, you must press the + button (Add), then select opening that you want. This field is not a look for.

  10. Esse programa parece ser muito bom, mas é complicado demais. Como mudar a posição do tabuleiro (brancas p/pretas ou vice versa) para estudar uma sequencia de jogadas salvas em um PGN; se é que é possível?

    1. You could use: Training-Resources for zebras-Learn a game.