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Version 6.2a

Update : version 6.2a, only solved some bugs (reported by Francesco Dall'Aqua) 


  1. Hi Lucas,
    Thanks again for your great program!
    I'm now on Linux.
    Is there a way to use Lucas Chess on Linux, with those chess engines that work on Linux?
    What would I need to do?
    I guess I'd be happy to make Lucas Chess work with a single engine, if it can adjust its level...

    1. Hi David,
      Is theoretically easy to prepare a version for Linux.
      There are plenty of engines for linux, the problem may be finding a level of 1400 as Tarrasch, so the version of linux and windows can not be identical.
      With Wine works perfectly.
      My work platform is Windows XP, and I am hoping someone will be encouraged to prepare a version for Linux, I would give the basic support.

  2. Hi Lucas,
    Thanks! It does work great in Wine!
    (I think I don't know Linux enough to try to port LucasChess to it :)


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