Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Future version 10 step 05: Scanner of positions

Some days ago Juan Carlos Antón, head of UNED chess school, does give me permission to include tactical positions from the PDFs on the downloads of UNED web, which I consider very educational.
The problem is there is no possibility of obtaining  original fens.
The solution to ease my work, has been to create something like an OCR of image positions, which at this specific case is working very well.

Only three concepts are handled : mark, deduce, and learn.
First, mark the board, the next step is to deduce, if there are errors the user corrects them manually and asked the program to learn from them. At the beginning there are quite a few errors, but less and less.
To mark the Board a transparent window is launched that occupies the desk and lets see the PDF and select a position. It is selected with the mouse by dragging a corner to the other, and it is fitted with the arrow keys.
At the end the Enter key is pressed to accept the selected and continue in the program window. On the following occasions, just a click to make a selection like the previous time, which saves work.
To work with various configurations of board, a name is associated with the positions of pieces learned.
When in selecting window, the opacity can be increased/decreased with + and - keys.

Then key Enter to acept the selection

There are more news:
  • Database games, now transpositions are included in statistics, and result file is enormeous.
  • Engines: gambitfruit+deepchess included
  • Lucas-elo: added all engines and changed elo to try to be more human.
  • Save to PGN in Utilities, added labels edition


  1. Play Like a Grandmaster mode hangs after one move for me in this version. Works fine in version 9.

    1. I have not been able to replicate the problem in my copy.
      I need more information, it is probably that the bug.log file has the code line error. This file is in the program root folder.

    2. Not sure what's different, but today I reinstalled 10.5 and it is working for me. I reverted back to version 9 after it was hanging on me so I don't have any bug.log file for this one. Sorry to waste time. Will let you know if it starts happening again.

  2. Happy New Year my dear friend! Your chess project is reallu AMAZING! :). I am looking forward to next versions - especially LC 10 (stable). It is without doubte the best chess program I have ever seen! :). Congratulations and good luck!

  3. Thank you very much and Happy New Year.I guess I need some months to publish this new version.

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