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Version 10: summary of changes

Long term trainings:
  • Trans Siberian Railway: is a long run training with a train travel as an excuse.
  • Expeditions to the Everest: the idea is to play against a collection of games, "Play like a GM" style. All moves are valued and compared with the move of player in the game.
  • Turn on the lights: it is other way to study tactics, with a velocity component. Divided in levels, all levels works with the same block of positions.
  • The Washing Machine: done against all engines with an elo less than 3000, creating a game-puzzles-repeating the game will be repeated until no errors.
Start positions: 
Training positions:
  • Tactics by UNED chess school, included in Training positions and Learn tactics by repetition. Thanks to Juan Carlos Antón, head of UNED chess school that allows to include the positions in the program.
  • Updated:
    • Stockfish updated to version 7
    • Cheng updated to version 4.39
    • Komodo updated to version 8.
    • DiscoCheck updated to 5.2.1.
    • Rethoric updated to 1.4.3.
    • Updated Deepfish 7 (Marco Zerbinati).
    • New RodentII (Pawel Koziol).
  • New:
    • Acqua (844 elo) by Giovanni Di Maria.
    • Irina v. 0.12 (~1200 elo), it includes program beginners personalities: Monkey, Lion, .... Irina is a weak adaptation of chess engine Winglet of Stef Luijten. Added Steven as a new personality to beginners.
    • Gull 3 by ThinkALot.
  • External engines, added option Import of internal engines.
  • Included 64 bits-BMI2 versions to: stockfish, komodo, deepfish. In Configuration/Engines can be activated.
Play against any engine:
  • Added Irina personalities to engine selection.
  • Added Lucas-elo engines to engine selection.
  • Changed internally to allow to change/save more information. With more filters... a work in progress.
New translations:
  • Greek by Nick Delta
  • kidsdraw, a beautiful new set of pieces to children created by Marc Graziani
Resistance training: 
  • Added "Lost points in a move" as another limit (idea by Michele Tumbarello).
  • Indexes: Rodent II is always used, as stablished by author of formulas, Michele Tumbarello.
Analysis Others:
  • Clicking on the letters of the board moves forward or backward (PeonPasado)
  • Removed, voice recognition and database of positions.
  • Added a new option in Configuration, to reduce the work of engines in background in some trainings (JoJoB proposal)


  1. Thaks Lucas again for your great work. If I can help in some way then let me know.

  2. Please, add annotations graphical -arrows and squares color. similar director,

  3. Instead of having a board opening up for each candidate move appended, isn't it possible to just back-up one move and enter another move instead of having to click append for every single variation I want to enter in? The reason I ask is because when trying to analyze variations manually you have to append each move, which is annoying.

    1. You can analyze the main move and in this window then press button to add all variations (Save++).

    2. Is it possible that in a future version you can allow like in Scid vs. PC to enter the candidate move with other variations that follow and then back up a certain amount of moves and have an add variation button? Basically, I want to go through each variation manually and back-up a certain amount of moves (could be all the way back to the candidate move or somewhere in between of a certain variation) and not the automatic variations that Lucas Chess provides.

  4. Hi, thanks again for your work on Luca Chess, it's has a lot of interesting features already and getting more and more powerful with each release!
    One question regarding 'Trans Siberian Railway': I've been playing it a bit but have an impression that I'm getting the same tactics puzzles over and over. I think I passed probably ~20 of them (with a few games against engines inbetween tactics), but in reality I think it was just around ~5 puzzles that repeat with every station. Moreover, they were extremly simple - all of them were basically "mates in 1 move". Is the repetition of these puzzles intentional or is it a problem with fetching tactics from the server?

    1. You must change to level 2, from Config... Level 1 to very beginners.

  5. Can you make Lucas Chess available for mac? And if you're working on that, then when it's expected to be done?

    1. Sorry, no, I am a developper with a PC and a Windows OS. I need help to create a Mac version.

    2. Can I download Wine platform on mac and run Lucas Chess normally?

  6. Hi.
    After doing more than 600km in the Transsiberian Railway I decided to change the level to "level 2" and I realized that I had to start again, so I change back to level 1 and all my progess dissapear.
    Is there any way to restore my progress? Is a pity after all these games and puzzle to loose everything.
    Thanks very much for this tool

    1. There is no way to restore the progress, if you want to go again to 600k of level 1, send me (lukasmonk at gmail) file UsrData/, and manually I change it.

  7. Hello,

    First of all let me thank you enough for creating a wonderful Chess software like this one for all us Chess lovers at free of cost.

    Could you care to explain the alternate to 'database of positions' since I would like to have some of them.

    Besides since databases are not getting imported from .pks files is it possible to have a group analysis option in database window in future?

    Thanks once again for all your sincere and passionate efforts.
    Rajesh Ganesh, G.

  8. Hello,
    I am working on Database Positions in this moment.

    And yes this is the idea.


    1. Its great to know that you're now working on database positions currently.

      Could we have the option to create a database from .pks native files also in future since it defeats the purpose of having the .pks files without able to create such one.

      Best regards,
      Rajesh Ganes, G.

    2. It is included in the new development-version 11.

    3. Great, thanks. That was fast.

      Best regards,
      Rajesh Ganesh, G.

  9. Oklarla ilgili soru : hiçbir tuşa basmadan mouse ile okları çıkarabilirsek daha çok varyantı anında kendimiz görebiliriz.Bunu yapabilir misiniz ? Bunu bir İnternet sitesinde oyun oynarken gördüm ve bunun lucas da görebilirmiyim diye düşündüm. Şimdiden çok teşekkürler

    1. It was neccesary to improve this apart, perhaps doing the option to turn to a direct work with graphic.

  10. Great work. Any plans for a Windows 10 UWP version?

  11. I found Lucas Chess and love it. Thanks for the effort.
    When I use Training positions > Checkmates by ... there is often more than one way to checkmate the opponent. Is there a way, when in a training position, to push a button and "Play Current Position" against the computer? Otherwise I have to save the position, quit training, Tools > Create Own Game, load the saved file and is too complicated. TIA


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