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Version 10.03: command line in external engines

Bug fixed:

  • Play like a GM, fixed imports of new GMs. (thanks to anonymous, pierjean)
  • External engines, added Command option, to create a new external engine as a command line, to test (thanks to mamago92)

10.02 -> 10.03 some missing files (Thanks to Johannes R.)


  1. Wonderful program!
    But did you notice that it consumes a lot of CPU time when being idle on the main screen? For example:
    - start LucasChess
    - select Training/Your daily test
    - do the test
    - return to main screen
    - then CPU: 25% - while doing next to nothing

    1. It is a bug and I have fixed now. I´ll try to publish an update this week.
      Thank you very much.

    2. Wow, very fast.
      Thank you for this marvellous piece of software!

  2. At the External Engine Edition - Command Mode (file name plus arguments) you are not supposed to check if the executable is the UCI standard compatible. The Putty PLINK.EXE is not chess engine at all.


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