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Version R

New version of the program.
Continuist at user level with the previous one, but with great internal changes.
This new version has been mainly tried:
  • Update the code to a current version of the compiler, from python 2.7 to python 3.7 (based in a previous work of Alfonso Solbes).
  • Update the graphic library, from version 4 to 5 of qt, via pyside2.
  • Improve folder organization, with Linux support in mind.

Negative consequences:
  • It is incompatible with Windows XP.
  • The data is not compatible with previous versions of Lucas Chess.
  • The weight of the installer has doubled, currently around 120 Mb and the disk installation occupies 338 Mb.

It is still in pre-release mode, pending enough feedback to give it sufficient stability.

The installation is done in parallel with the previous version, not interfering with each other. This means that both installations can be maintained at the same time.

A version installable and other portable can be downloaded from :


  1. Thank you. So what parts are done? What do you want us to test. I know I can not analyze games yet. Is that suppose to be functional yet?

    1. It is completely done (I want to include something more this summer).
      There was a problem with the default engine, which I just fixed by changing the binary, and the release in github.

  2. I'm using windows 10 and I have noticed the following.
    1) I can't install Leela via Command option (only way to install Leela). I get a pop up saying "one moment please" and then everything disappears.
    2) Analysis of games does not work when Stability Control is on.
    3) The Analysis display is overcrowded with things overlapping.
    4) Some engine analysis are wrong (Komodo 11). For example on move 23 it says M-5 for white column and shows draw or 0.00 for black column.
    5) Seems like engine is running in the background after analysis is done until you close the whole game screen.
    6) It would be nice to add the "Play Against" or something to the PGN Read and the Databases. Very helpful when training on your games or other people's games.

    These are some things I have noticed quickly. I will let you know when I find more. Thank you, Lucas for the good work.

    1. Thank you very much Lee, I have published a new prerelease:

      1) I have added another attempt to determine the operating system if it is 64 bit. I have fixed the command option. On the other hand, the internal motors I prefer to remain constant, there are the external motor options to make all the changes that the user wants.
      When playing against an engine, UCI options can be changed, there is a tab for it.
      2) fixed.
      3) I cannot replicate it, I need information but directly in my email.
      4) = 3
      5) I can't replicate it
      6) From Utilities = Play current position

  3. 1) Leela is included with the distribution, lc0, it is activated if OS is 64 bits.

    1. I have x64 windows os. Lc0 does not appear on the list of engines to use to analyze or to change as defualt engines (though I see it in Play Against Engine). Besides there is no options to configure internal engines and Leela needs a lot of tweaking and updating the weights all the time. You may add an option to configure internal engines or fix the Command option please.

    2. And when you go to UCI, you can't change it. It has " value" and cannot be changed.

    3. Double click in the value cell.

  4. I can not play a game against a engine, request window not appear
    I have windows 7

    1. The bug.log file could help. It is in the bin subfolder of LucasChessR folder.

    2. Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "LucasChessR\bin\Code\QT\", line 291, in run_action
      File "LucasChessR\bin\Code\", line 500, in run_action
      File "LucasChessR\bin\Code\", line 343, in menuplay
      File "LucasChessR\bin\Code\", line 348, in menuPlay_run
      File "LucasChessR\bin\Code\", line 817, in libre
      File "LucasChessR\bin\Code\QT\", line 942, in entrenamientoMaquina
      File "LucasChessR\bin\Code\QT\", line 430, in __init__
      File "LucasChessR\bin\Code\QT\", line 801, in restore_dic
      File "LucasChessR\bin\Code\QT\", line 177, in busca
      AttributeError: 'Configuracion' object has no attribute 'rivalInicial'

    3. Thanks Alex, I have published R0.26 that fixed it.

  5. Opening Lines not working. Thanks.

  6. error in tools -> openings -> personal openings

    Version R0.26
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "LucasChessR\bin\Code\QT\", line 291, in run_action
    File "LucasChessR\bin\Code\", line 510, in run_action
    File "LucasChessR\bin\Code\", line 663, in menu_tools
    File "LucasChessR\bin\Code\", line 700, in menuTools_run
    File "LucasChessR\bin\Code\", line 645, in aperturaspers
    File "LucasChessR\bin\Code\Openings\", line 419, in __init__
    AttributeError: 'Configuracion' object has no attribute 'ficheroPersAperturas'

    1. Thanks. I have published a new prerelease, with this fixed.

  7. When you add external engines they are duplicating.

  8. Engine analysis is wrong, especially when MultiPV is set to default.


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