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Version 2.03: bug-fix release and chess leagues improved.

 This is a bug fix update mainly based on the detection work of Eric, the main betatester of the program.


  • Opening Lines, shows comments when training.
  • Book Strategie, other wonderful set of pieces created by Ben Citak.
  • Book Strategie B, for regular style board backgrounds by Ben Citak.
  • Book Strategie theme created by Ben Citak to emulate the old style used in the French chess magazine La Strategie in 1938 (also L'Echiquier).
  • Databases, numerical sorting: press Ctrl (Alt or Shift) while double clicking on the header.
  • CTRL SHIFT C (ALT SHIFT C) to copy PGN to the clipboard
  • On the position analysis screen, alternative moves can be analyzed by moving pieces directly on the board.
  • Analysis of a game, option to include analysis of the variations.
  • On any board, ALT-X to play the current position, it is a little different from the utilities menu, only the position is used, but it can be used with any board and with any position on the board.
  • Shift Right mouse on pgn table to show the tree of moves.
  • Select files, option to change from a custom to native in the Configuration window.
  • Eboards can be used in Gaviota endgames training.
  • Eboards can be used in Learn a game training.


  • Added ALT C to copy FEN to clipboard instead of CTRL C in Options/Settings (to fix problem with some screen readers using CTRL C).
  • Director/Graphics elements, left button used to remove all and Del/Backspace to remove the last one, only right button is used to create graphics.
  • Fixed
  • Create your own game/Utilities/Enable engine
  • Promotion with check not render correctly in pgn table.
  • Playing against any engine, personalities dont be saved.


  • Eboards drivers by Graham O'Neill (version 3 to LC)
  • Chess leagues, the number of opponents is free, with a minimum equal to twice the number of those configured to move from one division to another at the end of the season.
  • Language Euskara, all openings are translated, by Ilurdi.
  • Language Euskara by Ilurdi.
  • Language French, updated openings translations, by Eric.
  • Language French by Eric and Lolo
  • Language Chinese by Zoushen
  • Language Polish by Darek
  • Language German by Johannes Bolzano.


  1. Wow. tons of changes !! Special thanks to, "Director/Graphics elements, left button used to remove all and Del/Backspace to remove the last one, only right button is used to create graphics."

    1. I have had to surrender to the evidence that it is more practical that way.

    2. Completely agree. Better this way !! Exploring the other features and it is really nice. Thank you very much Lucas.

  2. Hi
    I load a game and analyse it with the three best variations..
    If I save in a database OK, but if I save in external pgn and then load it, disappear the engine evaluation for the moves of the game...
    Is a bug ?

    1. It is possible when analyzing to save the analysis as variations, and in this case these are exported in the pgn.

  3. In Competition with tutor, sometimes, as a game progresses the engine takes longer and longer to reply and then LucasChess just hangs and it freezes when clicking anywhere. I don't know if this happens when using other engines.

    1. I forgot to mention that the engine in use is Acqua2.

    2. The best option is to change the engine and forget about Acqua2.

  4. When "Play current position" is selected, Chessnut Air cannot be turned on.

  5. Hello, thanks for such an intuitive interface and very complete for, for example, holding chess engine tournaments. One of the options that would be very useful in a world in which sharing, broadcasting, etc. helps to reach more users, would be to add an extension as much as possible to be able to broadcast live tournaments. Without the need to use external software, as these consume many resources. Thanks in advance and very good job, congratulations.

    1. I am sorry, but it is not possible for me to help, as this is technology in which I have no experience.


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