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Summary of changes in version 8

  1. Visual changes, Options-Configuration:
    • Showing points of analysis:
      • White´s point of view. if positive wins white, if negative wins black. (shahingy)
      • Pawns vs Centipawns. ( F.Marmale)
    • Show move candidates, when pressing any square. Show threats, checks, captures when show candidates is on and in any case when consult any move in the game (pressing a piece).(R. Sehgal)
  2. Mouse shortcuts, extended.(bbbaro25us)
  3. Some GM personalities added to tourney-elo by Michele Tumbarello.
  4. The use of winglet engine (created by Stef Luijten, as a fast internal movement generator. 
  5. Some indices in analysis, transcribing the ideas of Michele Tumbarello. More information in the document written by Michele : advanced info in LC8.pdf.
  6. New elo measurement system based on the database of games of FICS. Using WhiteElo-BlackElo variables to determine the elo of the game in a showdown on the type of "Play like a GM.". Games range is between 900 and 2700.
  7. When playing with option "Playing against any engine", there is a new option that help to do current move, showing an analysis window of current position. (Michele idea)
  8. when analyzing a game, and in case of detect blunders option is activated, now tactic training is generated (also appears in trainings positions), and two types of training in each tactic, one try to select a good move instead of blunder and the other try to select a move that take advantage of this blunder (some people talk to me about this and I don´t remember who was).
  9. New kibitzers. Kibitzers in 8 version now are :
    1. Candidates <new>: shows highest ranked candidate moves of current position. (Proposed long time ago by istolacio)
    2. Indexes <new>: shows abstract and concrete position indexes. Michele Tumbarello has made a great work improving/extending previous indexes, new guide can be downloaded from
    3. Best move: only best move considered by engine is showed.
    4. Best move in one line <new>: to reduce space used by the kibitzer, is showed in one line without head title. There is a button to show title and allow to change its position/lenght.
    5. Select move: allow to choose the next move, and then begin the analysis.
    6. Threats: answers the question: which would make the opponent if he could move again ?.
  10. More precision when selecting and dragging pieces ( Heikki Junes ).
  11. "Determine your calculating power" option shows now real game(Toan Luong).
  12. Completed translation into vietnamese (Toan Luong)
  13. New set of pieces, Abxtadt by Geronimo.
  14. In Configuration, Appearance, can be set a new option : PGN with figurines, idea suggested by Michele Tumbarello.
  15. NAG support is improved, now it can be select more than one, and some of them are associated to symbols as in "Sahovsky Informator", idea suggested by Michele Tumbarello. 
  16. Kibitzers-Indices, new index, Positional pressure, and as is explained by Michele Tumbarello its author : It measures the amount of pression you exert over your opponent according only to material factors. 
  17. In Personal opening guide, in Summary, improved option "Create new guide..."
  18. New trainings positions : Technique by Michele Tumbarello
  19. Correspondence Chess in Tools menu (Ken Brown) (a very first try-it needs a lot of feedback from users)
  20. New themes by Michele Tumbarello.
  21. Added some new non-standard nags. (Michele)
  22. New look "Playing against..."
  23. Keyboards shortcuts (left/right/up/down/home/end/avpag/dnpag) in analysis window, and enter in main window to analyze. (Pavel Rehulka)
  24. New option "Play current position" in Analysis window and in Utilities menu, in "Playing against any engine", "PGN reader", "Create your own game" (jayriginal)
  25. New option in configuration, "Show arrows of variants" (thetasquare)
  26. New option in configuration, "Enable information panel by default" (thetasquare)
  27. New option in configuration, "Show material" Captured material at beginning vs Difference material (Adaptation from idea Heikki Junes)
  28. PGN first comment support
  29. Tournaments between engines added option to set an initial position.(Michele Tumbarello)
  30. Scoring system is changed, based on a new web (today tomorrow I don´t know). Now when posting your scores, changes are done inmediately and web send feedback to user about its position in relation to other users.
  31. Improves in "Playing against any engine":
    • It can be selected engines that try to emulate playing style of GMs (created by Michele Tumabrello).
    • Configurations: allows to save active configuration with a name to restore in future. 
  32. Database, new option in Tools.
  33. Process priority in configuration of analysis. (J.Reimers suggestion)
  34. New training named : "The board at a glance".
  35. Engines:
    • Komodo 5 replaces Komodo 4
    • Stockfish DD (in honor Don Dailey) replaces Stockfish 4
    • Critter 1.6a
  36. New translation, Swedish, thanks to Nils Andersson


  1. Hi, I'm Takashi ( Japanese ). I was looking for a free chess software. Lucas Chess is really good. I posted blog entries in Japanese how to install and use Lucas Chess. I installed version 8.0 today and tried to paste PGN, but didn't work. Is that an error?

  2. Hy takashi.
    I am one of the contributors of the program.
    My advice is:
    1)unistall the program
    2)download the portable version
    3)enjoy lucaschess :)
    It works perfectly.

    1. Hi, Michele. Thank you for the advice. I uninstalled the program and downloaded the portable version. I could paste PGN. I'm sorry. I found the reason which I couldn't paste PGN was that the PGN was Chess960's PGN.

  3. Keep in touch.
    Within 4/5 weeks a new version might be released with some novelties.

  4. Hello! I'm Chris (Poland). Thank You for your Lukas Chess 8.0! It is really very, very good program for chess traning. I use Lukas Chess every day!
    But some options don't work properly :(

    For example:
    1. In FICS ELO: The engine (StockfishDD) start to think sometimes (!) when is my turn to move. After this action the appraisement has abnormal value. I was lost many points after that!

    2.In FICS Elo: Why it is impossible to change parameters of the engine (also time thinking for more than 5sec for example) and also impossible is, to change the engine for another .(from internal or external engines list)
    I'll would like use Houdini engine in 30sec thinking for example

    3. In PGN Viewer/READ PGN/UTILITIES: The new function "Create training to Play Like Grandmaster" don't work! After "Accept" the function going to hang.

    4.Houdini 4 UCI engine dont work at all! It is impossible to "Save" this external engine.

    Kind regards
    Chris K.

    1. Hi Chris,

      3. Fixed

      1. I don´t understand, configuration of ponder is false, this is the only reason to work when it is your turn. I don´t know.

      2. It must be a fixed context. The order to engine is look for a move with the time you want, as the engine has 10 minutes if moves < 30 or 5 minutes if moves > 30, engine decides what time to use.

      4. Impossible to save?, send me bug.log file, in the lucasChess folder, it says to me what is the matter.


    2. Hello!
      About 1.
      In FICS Elo: This situation start sometimes only (one or two times for game) Two times in the same move analyze. Suddenly I can see a green rectangle (engine thinking) and the next move is execute automatically without any my intervention(!)
      The appraisement is always abnormal in this situation (-1756 for example. Correct value should be 10 for example and than I lost many point(-1766) and to lose my game with simultaneously elo loss.

      About 2:In FICS Elo: Sorry.. but I don't understand, that one's.
      Could you like let me know about the time engine problem once again? Past analyze the example game, I can see (clicking to move notation) that engine (Stockfish DD) was think always about
      4.5-5 sec only. Why always 5sec only? It is fixed without any change possibility?
      And second question....what about multicore set in Stockfish parameters? (default set is 1 core only (Thread=1)) Can I change that parameter and another in FICS Elo mode? I understand that answer is not, isn' it?

      About 3: In PGN Viewer/READ PGN/UTILITIES
      I expect with hope , that the new function "Create training to Play Like Grandmaster" will be unblock to use in next version of Lukas Chess :)

      About 4: Houdini 4 UCI engine dont work:
      Save Houdini 4 UCI like external engine is impossible. The "Save" button don't react! I push Save button, but the External Engines window still is on the screen. Lukas Chess don't adopt this engine. Past this action another engines disappear from external engines list! In this situation better will be send bug.log file for you indeed. (About 4 p.m. your time zone. I'm outside home now)

      Kind regards
      Chris K.

    3. 1. I have no idea, this is not a problem that appears when I play, nug.log perhaps says something about it.
      2. I have changed the system to use a mix depth +time in correlation with level.

    4. Hi once again!

      The news!

      About 4: Houdini 4 dont work
      Houdini 4 UCI work perfect on another computer, ( AMD 1.8Ghz Single Core)
      Under my Intel 2 GHz Duo Core - don't work! Why??? :(

      About 3: In PGN Viewer/READ PGN/UTILITIES
      The great function "Create training to Play Like Grandmaster" work very good on Lukas Chess 7.04 version ! Why under 8.0 dont work :)


    5. I know now what is the problem, your copy of Houdini is in a folder named with polish caracters, can you install it in for instance c:\tmp folder or c:\Houdini or similar with english names.
      If your folder contains non latin caracters, then bug appears, I´ll try to solve in 8.02.

    6. Thank You! Houdini works!
      But remains problems nr.1 i nr.3

      About 1: In FICS Elo:
      Stockfish DD sometimes (1-4 times/game) still going to make the move on my side without my any intervention and points evaluate is not true in this moment. (I was lost or win (unfair) many analyzed games) What the "bug log" file said about it?

      About 3:About 3: In PGN Viewer/READ PGN/UTILITIES
      I expect with hope , that the function "Create training to Play Like Grandmaster" will be unblock to use in next version of Lukas Chess 8.02 :) This option works good under Lukas Chess 7.05 !

      Chris K.

    7. About 3: perhaps it is a problem with codecs. Downloads for instance uncompress and read with the program, then try to use Create training....If no problem, send me your pgn to test.
      About 1: no problem appears in bug.log. The process of the game is, you move and program compares your move with the fics-player move, if different, program remove your move and put the fics-player move. Engine do nothing, it evaluates only both moves.

    8. About 3: I was try! With adams.pgn, the option "Create trainig to Play Like Grandmaster" works without problems ! I will send you my pgn create under Fritz 13 GUI

      About 1 You sad: "The process of the game is, you move and program compares your move with the fics-player move, if different, program remove your move and put the fics-player move"
      Ok...I understand,,its correct...but the abnormal engine start is past engine compare , when I'm thinking my next move. The engine starts MY (!) move arbitrary, without my intervention!
      Physically move elsewhere the figurines on board without my decision! At that time the points of comparision is usually abnormal. (-1123 for example, or + 1743 or -590 or +399.....variously)

      Chris K.

    9. About 3: Your games are all with Result = *, then it is necessary to select option "Which side" value "Both sides".

      About 1: I don´t know. I´ll try to play more with it.

    10. About 3: Sorry...but after select option which side is win (1-0 or 0-1 for example) problem is the same :(
      Must be another cause...

      Chris K.

    11. About 3: example you send me do a gm training without problem, with option "Both sides".

      Happy new year

    12. Understand.....! Must be "Both Sides"

      Thank you very much, but remains problem nr.1, yet :)

      But now...HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 for you and your Family!

      Kind regards
      Chris K.

  5. Hello!
    Another notice about the "FICS Elo" function. A lot of games on chess servers (on FICS server too) are tainted by engines use!
    Wherefore "FICS Elo" training is not real!!
    You MUST(!) to change the Fics base games for true FIDE human tournaments games.
    At that time the "FICS Elo" training (rename to "FIDE ELO" for example) will be really great!
    PLEASE DO IT!!!!!

    Kind Regards
    Chris K.

    1. Good idea, but the problem is to find games from 1000-1200-1400 elo, perhaps higher doesn´t mind. I don´t know where to find games in a massive way. If you know how to find it say me.

    2. I have used TWIC database to find games, range is 1500-2800. I will publish it in the short term.

    3. Hi!
      In my opinion, the problem with engine use... it's not about the 1000 - 1800 ELO; it's about >1800 ELO mostly.

      In 2000 - 2300 range I found already one- third of games (3/9)! with engine help ! (practicaly 100% Stockfish moves!)
      In 1000 - 1800 range only tenth part of games was with engine help.
      So I would suggest, that you change the games >1800 ELO only (or >2000 ELO even)
      So this range will be simpler to find.
      But important...the games must be from FIDE human tournaments (100% non engine certainty!!)
      At that time a Lukas Chess user will be have a real possibility to examine own ELO strength.

      Kind regards
      Chris K.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I have yet preparated a competiton using TWIC database and a range of 1500-2800.

  6. Gracias Lucas. Each version is better. Great work. Como programa de entrenamiento es superior a la totalida de programas que he visto. Creeme los he comprado o probado todos. Propuesta. Hay un boton en algun programa comercial que se encarga no de analizar sino de buscar rapidamente posible ponerlo? (Si crees que tiene utilidad). Otra base de datos(tools) ...donde se guarda?

    1. Una forma rápida de buscar blunders, es analizando con poca profundidad (5 por ejemplo) con stockfish que alcanza muy rápido esa profundidad, pero no sé si hay otra forma, otro factor a tener en cuenta, es determinar qué se considera un blunder, cuantos puntos perdidos respecto al mejor movimiento calculado. Tengo que pensarlo.
      La base de datos se guarda en la carpeta UsrData con el resto de datos del usuario.

  7. Muchas gracias por la aplicación. He descargado la versión 8.01, no consigo cambiar el tamaño del tablero

  8. Pulsa con el botón derecho del ratón sobre una esquina del tablero, saldrá un menú donde podrás elegir la opción de cambiar el tamaño.
    Cuando se lanza el programa y si la opción de efectos visuales está activa (Opciones-Configuración-Tableros), entonces hasta que no se elige cualquier opción del menú principal, no funciona el botón derecho.

  9. Can you go into more detail about the mouse shortcuts? What are they, specifically?

    1. It refers specifically to move of pieces.
      There are two modes, one of them needs that you click in both squares, in origin and in destination, in any order and move is done. The other if you click in a destination square and only a piece can move to this destination then move is done, in other case program wait to you press in origin square.

  10. Hello, great program! I have one problem - I use it in ubuntu (linux) through wine and I have problem opening kibitzer window...I add new kibitzer, but when I choose it nothing happens...

    1. Hi, I am working on it from this morning. When I have a solution I will publish a new release.

  11. That was fast! Thank you. If it helps, here is similar problem with more details:
    And if I may add a suggestion - it would be great if you could make analysing position simpler (in a way that you could try different variations on the board with engine(s) running simultaneously and calculating options, like in SCID)...maybe kibitzer does that, but I don't know, as I can not use it.

  12. You could test: download and replace these two files :

    And say me please.

    1. Install versions:
      Installable :

  13. I replaced the files and now it works like charm:) Thank you Lucas! It's excellent program now...

  14. Installed this on an old laptop with a fresh installed Windows XP SP3 (inspire 1300 Me051)

    After clicking the exe. nothing happens, it wont even show up in taskmgr.
    Any idea how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I don´t know.
      Perhaps it is a good idea to use the install version :

    2. Thanks for the responds,

      The problem was netframe work 3.5 had just 4.0 installed.

      All working now :)


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