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Future version 10 step 06: tactics by UNED chess school and some expeditions

Latest developments:

  • Tactics by UNED chess school, included in Training positions and Learn tactics by repetition. Thanks to Juan Carlos Antón, head of UNED chess school that allows to include the positions in the program. Link to sources 
  • Scanner of positions, added support to flipped boards.

  • New option in Trainings: Long-term trainings, it is included Training on a map, Transsiberian railway and 
    • Expeditions to the Everest:
      • The idea is to play against a collection of games, "Play like a GM" style. All moves are valued and compared with the move of player in the game.
      • There is a tolerance value, that is the maximum points can be lost, when this value is passed then user must repeat the game from beginning.
      • All games are divided in 12 sections, with different number of games and with different limits.
      • There is a maximum of repetitions of the same game, when this maximum is passed, then there is a return to the previous game in the active section.
      • Selecting the games, 30 tourney of all times are included, also can be selected an external pgn.
      • It is possible to select to a maximum of mid-moves (it can be useful to train an opening, by example).
      • Main window of this training includes an image of an hypothetical climbing to Everest, that is only an excuse to decorate the training (thanks to Jojo Bader for helping me in this regard)  

It is necessary to create an expedition

There are 30 tourneys to select.
You can also select a PGN file

The number of games is limitated from 12 to 500
The max number of moves (plies) in each game can be set


  1. Great! This version will be a good improvement. The only thing that I miss is the option to play tournaments against your Lucas-ELO rivals. I hope that one day this feature will be added. But I have no complaints, I discovered this program in the version 6, and I'm a big fan since then. Good job!

    1. Thanks, this is an idea in the list. Sorry, but I don´t know when I will implement it.

  2. The last two versions, I have not been able to start a game through Lucas-Elo, which I remain at 0 rating. I cannot pick an opponent (Monkey, Donkey, Bull) or select random opponent. Picking any option behaves like clicking 'x' and returns to the starting screen of Lucaschess.

  3. Hi Lucas,
    Love your work, Man!
    Two things:
    Firstly, I too like the idea of playing a tournament against your chosen computer opponents, but I'd like to add it would be really cool if, at the same time, you could also choose the opening. I guess I'm talking about a thematic tournament. Don't know of any other program that you can do that with.

    Secondly, and it's a small point, the window title bar where you start "Expeditions to Everest" says "Expeditions to the Everest". Maybe lose the "the"... :-)

    Again. Well done and I look forward to the next release.

    1. I note your idea about thematic tournament.
      Fixed "the".
      Thank you very much.

  4. Will there be lucas chess available in app in future?


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