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Future version 10 step 07: some bugs fixed

  • Engines:
    • Stockfish updated to version 7
    • Cheng updated to version 4.39
  • Initial puzzle allows now to continue solving (Remes).
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Engines, error in STS copy
    • Lucas-elo, don´t works


  1. Thanks a lot for the continous work!
    This program is such a wonderful tool and my constant companion (even though i'm using it with wine on linux :) )
    It's great that you changed the Lucas-Elo Mode and that it works in this alpha.

    I want to point out a detail that seems inconsistent to me:
    Scrolling with the mouse-wheel is great, but inconsitently applied throughout the program. In the main window scrolling while over the board is inverse to scrolling when over the Movelist. In the Tutor-Boards the scrolling works, but not when analysing a move (doubleclicking on a move in movelist). The best integration i think would be to have one option that defines the direction that the scrolling does (rewind or forward in game) and to stick to that option throughout the program.

    I am quite new to chess, so i'm mostly playing against the weakest engines like Tarrasch/Roce when i want to practise. Mostly i invent challenges to myself, like "Can i beat Roce Depth 1 in 3 Minutes?" and stuff like that. With the old LucasElo it was difficult for me to win against Gaia1, but i find Bikjump1 easier (even though it has higher Elo :) )

    Thanks very very much for all your work Lucas and feel free to ask for help in graphical terms anytime.

    Jojo B.

    1. This morning I have changed scrolling with mouse to always follow the same direction. :)
      Each engine has ist own weaks, I know Bikjump it is easy to win in a pawns final.

    2. Nice! i hope that downscrolling goes forward in the game :P Thanks!

    3. Yes, in the same way that in the current pgn table.

    4. Wow!! I can't believe someone else made this comment during the same release. I just emailed you Lucas about this :-) .. thank you for the update!

  2. oh and another thing i want to comment on is that i don't play the FicsElo/FideElo/Everest because of the non-stopping CPU calculation, which makes my CPU too hot.
    I would like to play them though :)

    1. I´ll try to add an option and don´t think while player thinks.

  3. Hey again!
    in LC10 alpha 7 adding Roce as an external engine gives an UCI-error. The same is true for the Homer 2.01 Engine ( )
    Roce works when used via the "internal engine" function, but as said cannot be added as an external one.
    Loading Homer 2.01 works in 9.07b without any problem.
    System here is Linux 64 (Manjaro, which is Arch Linux based) running LucasChess with latest wine 1.9.0
    Ok after testing all the engines here is the list of which don't work as external:
    Amyan, Chispa, Hamsters, Pawny, Polyglot, Roce, Ufim

    The exact error message is:
    "The file X.exe does not correspond to a UCI engine type."

    1. I believe I have fixed it, problem is that don´t admit to run uci command more than one time.

      Polyglot is an utility to create/merge polyglot books.

  4. In Tournaments between Engines, is there a way to make it seconds per move instead of total time for each side in the whole game?

    1. Editing each engine, and setting Maximum seconds to think.


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